$509K Federal Safe-Sex Study Will Text ‘Gay-Lingo’ to Meth Addicts | CNS News

$509K Federal Safe-Sex Study Will Text ‘Gay-Lingo’ to Meth Addicts | CNS News

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1. Your strongest friendships become unbreakable, especially with the friends you don’t see all the time.

Some people get jobs, others get bored. Either way, some of your friends are bound to move away. Group texts and Facebook chats become your way of keeping in touch on the daily, and they’re surprisingly effective. They save your life when you’re bored at work, and when you feel alone at a crowded party, you remember that your best friends are still around. Whether your friends are near or far, the post-grad, new job stage of life makes it clear who will stick around and who won’t, and it’s a blessing to finally know that for certain.

2. Fair-weather friends fall to the wayside.

The people you used to dread hanging out with become the people you never see. The arguments end and the drama stops. You both say “let’s get…

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The Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup
Saturday, October 4, 2014
9:00 AM
Downtown Fort Worth
900 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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