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According to a “Breaking News” article on HuffPost the military is considering plans to permit Trans* people to serve in the military. In many ways, this can and should be framed as a victory for human dignity. Trans* folk, like many other citizens, love the United States and have shed blood, sweat, tears and coin for this nation. Trans* people of all political persuasions have a history a putting their nation first, in ways many agree and disagree with. One of the most visible ways this has transpired was during the Stonewall Riots when the Queer community, led by Trans* folk and Drag Queens/Kings, waged a battle for human dignity that doubled as a redemptive fight for the soul of America. They not only demanded to be seen as human, sexually autonomous and worthy of the state’s respect and protection (for all queer folks); they also presented the country with an…

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imageNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles®) – Police officers, for the most part, are rewarded or promoted for going beyond the “call of duty.” But not this officer with the New York Police Department (NYPD).  He got fired.

The still unnamed officer went beyond  his call of duty on Sunday by dancing with a gay man during the Pride Festival.  The cop showed some serious moves to the delight of hundreds of spectators.

This morning, as the officer reported for duty, he received his pink slip from his supervisor. The letter stated: ” NYPD appreciates your going beyond the call of duty, but you can’t do it while you’re on duty — especially in your police uniform.”

Upon hearing the news, several New York gay bars reached out to the officer, offering him a job as security guard or bouncer.

The Adobo Chronicles® could not independently confirm…

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A truly delicious story.

A group of guys got rowdy on Memorial Day weekend on the gayer end of Rehoboth beach, drinking in public and urinating in public (neither of which I personally am totally against by the way).

When they got ticketed a group of them wrote a letter claiming it was discrimination (looks like that claim is crap), and pointed out they were Very Important Obama regime staff, Washington Post reporters, and CNN reporters (you have to read to the middle to get that).  Roflmao!

The email sent to Rehoboth officials and the media was unsigned. Lee Whitman, a D.C. resident and Rehoboth summer vacationer, told the Blade he knows those who wrote the email.

“Among them are doctors, lawyers, a CNN producer, staff members of the Washington Post, members of the current presidential administration, and a three-time Emmy Award winner,” he said in his own email accompanying the one sent to Rehoboth officials. He did not identify them by name.

“We are skilled. We are talented,” he wrote. “And if we continue to feel persecuted we could easily pull every gay dollar from your city. Not just the money from those that were there this weekend, but all gay dollars.”

A separate email sent to the Blade by a gay Rehoboth vacationer, who also asked not to be identified, says he and his partner were present at Poodle Beach on May 24, and they witnessed what he says were many gays acting irresponsibly.”


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