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Warning (Santorum voters!):  Adult content

As a libertarian, I always have a complicated relationship to CPAC, which I first attended in 2007 or 2008.  Mitt Romney dropped out that election cycle the day CPAC started, and the woman running Mitt Romney’s DC campaign had paid for a booth at CPAC.  She was really pissed at Mitt for dropping out, and Ron Paul was her second choice.  She offered the booth to the local Ron Paul Revolution collective, and we seized it in the name of the liberated people.

I’ve gone every year since, mainly to vote for Ron (and now Rand) Paul in straw polls and see all my libertarian FaceBook friends who I often haven’t met in person.  It’s been educational – I’ve learned that people under 40 don’t know what a mimeograph is. (As I was running that Ron Paul booth with what I had on hand, a very cute 22 year old asked me if he could have the copy of reason magazine with Ron Paul on the cover I was using as my only “banner” in my inherited booth on the wall behind me, and I told him I had been a subscriber since I was younger than he, and only a few years before that it had been a mimeographed kitchen table publication.  He looked puzzled and cocked his handsome little head.  Not to be pervy.)

So I went this year even though it was inconveniently in Prince George’s County, Maryland, at National Harbor, which apparently markets itself as being in DC.  CPAC apparently claimed they were relocating because they needed more space, but attendance as measured by straw poll voting was understandably down from the presidential race years of 2011 and 2012 (2900 people voted this year vs over 3000 those years).  The real reason for the relocation was to make it impossible for people like the Occupy protesters who showed up last year to show up this year, since the Achilleus of the center-right, Andrew Breitbart, is no longer with us to dispatch the Hadean underfae as he did in 2012, having passed away only a few weeks later.

That ploy worked.  The John and Anthony Podesta sex workers from the misnamed “ThinkProgress” found CPAC as did Betsy Rothstein, the usually talented editor of FishBowl.  But not many other so-called “liberals” or leftovers.  And Ms. Rothstein, a wealthy white girl who lives in gentrifying Adams Morgan in DC and moved there after the city became 50% white, having never been in a majority black jurisdiction like Prince George’s County, amazingly reported that CPAC was in Baltimore!

The concubines at StinkRegress, taking time off from tossing the Podesta lobbyist brothers’ salads, found one kooky attendee (and you could get into lots of panels without even registering) who asked a silly question about race relations, and wrote a story implying that he was a panelist and that this minor panel was a central part of the conference.  Whores gonna ho.  What’s funny about that is that even approved MSNBC black tokens like Melinda Perry-Harris are on record as saying that a black conservative or libertarian or even moderate has a faster career advancement than a black leftover.  (Though as the grifter clan named Jackson shows us, the black leftovers who claw their way to office over the other lobsters in the pot get bigger rewards until indicted.)  And CPAC had a large number of impressive black pols, from Allan West to Mia Love to former Democrat Artur Davis speaking, and a number of twenty something young blacks who clearly intend to join them.

The Podesta dingelberries also wrote a hit piece claiming they had interviewed 10 people who all opposed gay rights.  We knew leftovers can’t do arithmetic (see Obama, Reid, Pelosi re: budgets) so it is not surprising they don’t know statistics (10 cherry picked people – you know they only asked people over 60 – out of thousands of attendees is not statistically significant, and this is why you flunked math and had to be Podesta streetwalkers).  But of course the best attended panel at CPAC this year, aside from major famous speakers like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, was the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s “Rainbow on the Right” featuring pro-gay marriage speakers from National Review, CEI, GOProud, and the non-partisan Freedom to Marry.  And Rand Paul won the straw poll, while anti-gay Rick Santorum got 8% – if CPACers really cared about stopping gay marriage, wouldn’t more than 8% have voted for standard bearer Rick Santorum?  (Also CEI was not alone – Breitbart.com, which hosted a panel for a different group excluded by the main CPAC organizers, was going to host a gay rights panel, but CEI beat them to it.)

Last year the neo-Stalinist wannabee Reifenstahls at Talking Points Memo wrote a hit piece on gays at CPAC where they posted a kind of Twitchy version of Craigslist ads from gays looking to hook up at CPAC2012.  Looking through the ads they were all rather tame, non-freaky, non-fetish ads from 22 year old gay guys wanting to finally spend the night with someone of like mind.  Shocking!  Men in their twenties having a hormonal surge when away in a big city in a hotel with people who share many of their passions.  Unbelievable.  So this year I posted a political spoof sex ad on Craigslist (I’ve done that before for other situations), hoping to cause gnashing of leftover teeth (it’s worked before – leftovers will flag your ad if you make fun of them):

Radical libertarian would like to tie up and abuse proglodyte and leftover journalists.

Boys who look like Sally Kohn or Chris Hayes who need to be tied up, slapped around and fucked.

Also any Rick Santorum supporters in the closet or younger versions of Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

Or if you are just a decent constitutionalist type, we can have regular non-hate sex, or even a drink.

Your place

  • Location: National Harbor
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Unfortunately no leftovers bit, though several people wanted to meet me and a couple of anonymous young things sent me racy pictures (by the way Podesta quislings – there were definitely African American gays at CPAC2013, and I have the photos they sent me to prove it).

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Conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart, 43, dies; ‘A great loss,’ says GOProud co-founder LaSalvia

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Breitbart at CPAC

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There was a whole gay party at CPAC, the Scotch and Cigars Party, advertised in advance on this blog, sponsored by the gay friendly OneNationPac.

In addition the only openly gay candidate, Fred Karger, was at CPAC, and held an after hours party as well.

It’s true that GOProud wasn’t there and didn’t table, nor did many of the groups that have in the past like Antiwar.com, the Libertarian Party, Campaign for Liberty, or the Ron Paul campaign.  CPAC did change hands, it was more monochromatically conservative, and one gay group, GOProud, was banned, though the excuse given was their confrontational nature, not their being gay.  Breitbart had nothing to do with their being banned, and was going to boycott CPAC (which Roger Simon and PJTV may have done) when he was on the GOProud board.  Having left the board because GOProud slipped up and practiced “outing,” he ended up going.

Almost none of the leftover websites or mainstream media reported that 50% of CPAC attendees were 25 and under; in the CPAC Presidential straw poll 44% of those voting were students.  People at CPAC often look like this:

The actual homophobes at CPAC are often easy to spot, since most of them are curiously asexual man boys who run around in pairs draped in red sashes, and often playing some woodwind instrument like the piccolo or the bagpipes:
What’s offensive about Mr. Christopher’s parochialism below when he calls Cynthia Yockey’s claim that gay rights will come “from the right” instead of Obama is offensive, is his blindness to how the welfare state has long oppressed gays.  In particular how it is the locus of school bullying, by denying families school choice and the ability to take a bruised and beaten kid out of a hostile school and enroll him somewhere else.

CPAC Attack: Liz Glover Confronts Andrew Breitbart And Dana Loesch Over GOProud Ban



One of the regular features of the Conservative Political Action Conference is the annual rite of the behind-the-scenes viral video kerfuffle. This year’s version features freelance Washington, DC video gadfly Liz Glover, last seen asking Newt Gingrichif he’s currently in an open marriage, confronting conservative media provocateur Andrew Breitbartover gay conservative group GOProud‘s exclusion from the conference, with a quick tag-in by Big Journalism Chief Editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch.
One of the highlights of last year’s CPAC was the way the conference defied gay-hating organizations to stand by GOProud’s inclusion, which was winningly symbolized at the prior year’s conference when an anti-gay speaker was booed off the stage. Unfortunately, the American Conservative Union bowed to pressure in July, voting to exclude the group from CPAC 2012.
Months after that decision, Andrew Breitbart resigned from the board of GOProud over the group’s outing of a Rick Perry staffer.
It was against that backdrop that Liz Glover confronted Andrew Breitbart Friday night, in the CPAC “Blogger’s Lounge,” over gay conservative activist Cynthia Yockey‘s contention that Breitbart is “a better friend to the gay community than Barack Obama.”
I was in the lounge, cursing at my computer as it continued to fail at everything, when I noticed a crowd gathered around Breitbart, and that uncomfortable disturbance in The Force when something awkward is going down. Glover was pressing Breitbart over GOProud’s exclusion, and over his split with the group (which he called “complicated”), when he began to attack Glover’s line of questioning. That’s when I grabbed my camera.
Glover defended herself from the charge that her questioning consisted of an “op-ed” by reminding Breitbart that “My stuff was on BreitbartTV last week!”
Breitbart paused, and asked, “How do you get your eyes to do the pinwheel thing?”
“That’s really sweet,” Glover replied, “picking on reporters.”
At this point, Dana Loesch tagged in, and told Glover to “act like a lady,” and that she needed to “up (her) game.”
Breitbart waded back in momentarily, then walked off, leaving Loesch to scold Glover for the “faulty premise” of her questions. While  Breitbart’s split with GOProud is arguably justified, though, the ACU’s decision to exclude them far predated the outing of the Perry staffer.
Glover stood her ground, and turned her focus on Cynthia Yockey, who wrote, for The Advocate, thatLGBT equality would “come from the right.”
I first met Cynthia at my very first CPAC, and while I like her very much, this is an offensive premise, akin to saying that a reduction in violent crime will come from murderers. The right is, and has long been, the primary obstacle to LGBT equality, and even Yockey’s piece is centered on the idea that equality can only occur by begging conservatives for it:
The bad news is that regardless of this vast support from the right, LGBTs on the left have only about a year to learn the language of conservatism and persuade the conservative movement that we have an unalienable right to equality. That’s because conservatives now control a majority of state legislatures and probably will also control the White House and Congress come 2013. Passing an anti–marriage equality amendment to the Constitution in Congress and getting it ratified by the states probably will be one of the first things conservatives will do, unless LGBT folks start supporting Breitbart, GOProud, and others on the right who are making real changes in our favor.
That’s some seriously twisted logic. The entire argument in favor of gay conservatism seems to be that it’s possible, even preferable, to be more greedy than gay, to overlook bigotry and oppression in favor of your own (perceived) economic interests.
As for Breitbart, he has long supported gay conservatives, but unless his position has changed since the last time we spoke about it, he says he is “agnostic” on the question of gay marriage. Conservatives love to hide behind President Obama’s “evolving” views on gay marriage, but you could hardly make the case that Andrew Breitbart, who props up a political movement dedicated to codifying inequality, is better, no matter how many awesome parties he throws.
Here’s the clip, from Friday evening:

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Andrew Breitbart is supposed to have commented at CPAC that he likes libertarians and welcomes them into any movement he is part of, but criticized them for being too timid in confronting leftover censorship, especially where so many young libertarians and Ron Paul supporters spend much of their time, on university campuses.

Is he right?

I have long thought too many libertarians, friends and acquaintances of mine, like Sheldon Richman, Tom Palmer, Sharon Presley, Angela Keaton, at times in the past the good peeps at reason magazine, and many others, spend a lot of time attacking the theocratic right, whose power seems to me to be on the wane, or try carefully not to attack people on the left. Even the title of a great blog over in my blog roll, Bleeding Heart Libertarians, gives me pause.  I think for many of these people being white (or male) makes them fearful to attack leftovers, since they will then be “written off” as right wing. They feel the need to go to elaborate lengths to criticize Israel or discuss how they are free marketers but not capitalists. They feel the need to to apologize to the little stalinist motivated by envy and hatred of the productive, and prove that markets always produce outcomes that fit Rawlsian notions of justice.  Being gay and somewhat culturally leftist I have never felt the need to do this and love to call leftovers out as the sewage they so often are, both personally and politically, dishonest, whorishly little careerist quisling liars.

Of course the Podesta brothers and Soros brothel workers will snap at you eventually no matter how you play nice with them. So why not go on the offensive and attack them for censorship on campus? Or better yet begin a campaign to defund indoctrination?

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Besides the late Ayn Rand’s birthday today, two southern Californians, Andrew Breitbart and gay GOP candidate Fred Karger, were born on February 1.  Though Breitbart was adopted and Karger is Jewish there is no word on whether they were separated at birth.

They Say it’s Fred Karger’s Birthday

I have known Fred for 20 years and have watched him closely the last two years as he has crisscrossed this country dozens and dozens of times as a candidate for President.  He is constantly fighting the good fight for so many of us.

Today Fred is celebrating his 62nd birthday in Detroit – 2,200 miles away from home.  In fact, he has been campaigning all over Michigan this past week for the February 28thMichigan Primary.  Fred is one of only 6 candidates still running who will be on the Michigan ballot.

I asked him this morning what he would like for his birthday, and he replied, “I could sure use a contribution to our campaign.  We need to make our Michigan commercials and buy TV time here right away.”

I thought I would surprise Fred with a $62.00 contribution to “Fred Karger for President.”  I hope that you will contribute too and celebrate all that he has done.

Let’s surprise Fred by raising $10,000 today!  Please send in $62.00, or whatever you can afford to make this a very happy birthday for our friend.

Thank you for your support.


Brian Wilson

You expressed interest in following Fred Karger.

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In a move likely to send signals of unity across the conservative movement, The American Conservative Union (ACU) is set to announce that Andrew Breitbart will be a featured speaker at CPAC 2012 – the 39th annual Conservative Political Action Conference.
“I have decided to accept CPAC’s gracious offer to speak on the theme of unity and the GOP Big Tent,” Breitbart said in a statement. “We need to unite in 2012. White, black, gay and straight. Tea Party, Social Conservatives, establishment types, Libertarians and Neo-Cons, alike,” he said.
This is latest example of full court press by new ACU Chairman Al Cardenas to have a unified CPAC — and nix the drama.
Breitbart’s participation comes as a surprise. As recently as this summer, the conservative new media mogul announced he would be skipping CPAC in response to the ACU’s announcement that the gay conservative group GOProud wouldn’t be permitted to co-sponsor this year’s CPAC.
“Andrew Breitbart is one of the most influential conservative media voices in America today, and we are honored to welcome him back to CPAC,” said Cardenas. “From founding and publishing some of the leading conservative news and opinion sites to his news-breaking coverage of liberal scandals, Andrew is one of the brightest and most exciting stars in the conservative movement today.”
Heading into this vital presidential election year, Breitbart’s participation also seems to signal the disparate wings of the conservative movement are at least willing to temporarily put their past differences aside. “I look forward to speaking at CPAC as a symbol that even our most seasoned warriors must seek peace with those we have vigorously challenged,” Breitbart said.
Cardenas and his team at the ACU have worked hard to mend fences and make this a good CPAC. In addition to Breitbart’s participation, social conservative leaders like Mike Huckabee and Sen. Jim DeMint will return this year. So will The Heritage Foundation and The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins. What is more, Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal will address the conclave for the first time this year.
But that doesn’t mean there won’t be internal debates and disagreements. “My speech won’t be all Kumbaya talk,” Breitbart warned. “I will step up to the podium and in no uncertain terms declare 2012 a call to arms. Patriots need to unite behind our candidate, behind the GOP, behind the conservative movement. Or else.”
In addition to Breitbart, CPAC 2012 will feature an all-star line-up that also includes former Governors Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Ann Coulter, Senators Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Steve King, Paul Ryan and Allen West, Oliver North, former Senator Rick Santorum, Governors Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker.
America’s largest gathering of conservative leaders and activists will be held Thursday, February 9 – Saturday, February 11, 2012, in Washington, D.C.
Read Andrew Breitbart’s full statement here:
The year 2011 was one of turmoil for the conservative movement, as we celebrated the success of 2010 but faced a divisive counter-revolution by the Democrats and the media.
The Republican establishment, together with social conservatives, libertarians and the Tea Party, waged war against the Obama administration, the public sector unions, the mainstream media, the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Progressive movement, writ large. And simultaneously, in these terrible economic times and our new, challenging  political reality, we were unfortunately, too often, fighting each other.
I have been a steadfast combatant in the trenches against the organized left, with the scalps and scars to prove it.
Yet the last year has had me often fighting our own. In the heat of the great battle over ideas, I argued with CPAC and the American Conservative Union on behalf of GOProud, and I argued against GOProud on behalf of privacy and civility.
I realize now, as the great debate of 2012 unfolds, that being MIA from the battlefield in the most important election of our lifetime is exactly the wrong decision.
Davids Brooks, David Gergen, and David Frum may “disagree.” But this David fights!
But we need to work with each other. Not against each other. [Frum, let’s do lunch!] We need to communicate better. [Gergen, perhaps I could have said it better!] We cannot let internecine battles and pressures of high-stakes politics to separate us at a time when unity is needed most. [Brooks, Obama does have a nice creased pant leg!]
I have decided to accept CPAC’s gracious offer to speak on the theme of unity and the GOP Big Tent. We need to unite in 2012. White, black, gay and straight. Tea Party, Social Conservatives, establishment types, Libertarians and Neo-Cons, alike. We all must find common ground. Not just for the sake of winning this monumental election. But to reclaim the Big Tent, Big Party mantle of the man who united us best, Ronald Reagan.
Yet I promise my speech won’t be all Kumbaya talk. No, sirree. I will step up to the podium and in no uncertain terms declare 2012 a call to arms. Patriots need to unite behind our candidate, behind the GOP, behind the conservative movement. Or else.
UPDATE: GOProud released a statement praising Breithbart’s decision to speak about the need for unity at CPAC. Here’s the full release:
Today, GOProud ally Andrew Breitbart announced that he has agreed to speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. “We thank Andrew for agreeing to speak.  We encouraged Andrew to go to CPAC and speak about the need to come together as a movement to defeat Barack Obama,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, Co-Founder and Executive Director of GOProud – an organization of gay and straight Americans seeking to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government, and a respect for individual rights.
“Andrew Breitbart has been, andcontinues to be, an important ally and supporter of GOProud and an outspoken supporter of gay conservatives everywhere,” said Christopher R. Barron, Co-founder and Chief Strategist.
“I continue to support the conservative objectives of GOProud, they are an important part of the conservative family,” said Andrew Breitbart.  “I believe in the GOP Big Tent. We need to unite in 2012. White, black, gay and straight. TeaParty, Social Conservatives, Establishment types, Libertarians and Neo-Cons,alike. We all must find common ground. Not just for the sake of winning this monumental election. But to reclaim the Big Tent, Big Party mantle of the man who united us best, Ronald Reagan..”
“Now, more than ever, we need a united conservative movement.  The stakes are simply too high in this election,” concluded LaSalvia.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/22/andrew-breitbart-to-be-a-featured-speaker-at-cpac-2012/#ixzz1kHeSa8eB

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