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No, no, Mikulski is still all in.  And Congressman Barney Frank lost his bid to be a temporary Senate queer filling the Kerry hole.  Senate Dems apparently told Frank that they prefer their members to off shore their prostitution services, which seems odd given high unemployment at home.

It’s Congressman Menendez!  We expect his daughter, Alicia Menendez, a Democratic spinner who can’t be on TV enough, but who has gone into seclusion in recent weeks, to soon throw a presser for her dad in conjunction with the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, as the newest LGTB Congressman.

Feds raid office of doc who allegedly provided male escorts to Sen. Menendez

  • Last Updated: 3:18 PM, January 30, 2013
FBI agents carry out boxes as law enforcement officials investigate the medical-office complex of Dr. Salomon Melgen who has possible ties to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez.
Getty Images
FBI agents carry out boxes as law enforcement officials investigate the medical-office complex of Dr. Salomon Melgen who has possible ties to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez.
The FBI late Tuesday night raided the office of a South Florida eye doctor who allegedly was involved in providing young prostitutes to Sen. Bob Menendez — a claim the senator’s office has denied.
Fox News confirms that FBI agents removed items from Dr. Salomon Melgen’s West Palm Beach, Fla., business during a raid that lasted several hours. Agents could be seen rifling through items in the office and carrying boxes out of the building.

Senator Bob Menendez
It is unclear whether the raid is related to anything involving Menendez. The Miami Herald reports that the investigation is believed to be focusing at least in part on Melgen’s finances. Melgen, a top contributor to Menendez’s federal campaigns, has an outstanding IRS lien of $11.1 million for taxes owed between 2006 and 2009, according to records obtained from the Palm Beach County recorder’s office, the newspaper reported.
But allegations also have surfaced that Menendez, with the help of Melgen, saw prostitutes while in the Dominican Republic. Emails posted online last week appeared to show the FBI communicating with an individual claiming to know about Menendez’s trips. That individual, who goes by the name of Peter Williams, confirmed to FoxNews.com that the email exchange “is totally authentic.”
He provided another purported email exchange from last week with a Miami-based FBI agent. In the exchange, the FBI agent asked to meet Williams “away from the Dominican Republic” to discuss the situation.
Read more at FoxNews.com.

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Barney Frank (center), David Brock (left) and friend wait for hot tub to warm up

Rep. Barney Frank to marry longtime partner

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NC gov’s exit shakes up vote on gay marriage ban

Presidential pets, from Coolidge to Bush

WASHINGTON (AP) — Retiring Rep. Barney Frank, a gay pioneer in Congress, said Thursday that he will marry his longtime partner, Jim Ready.
Frank spokesman Harry Gural said the liberal Massachusetts Democrat’s wedding will be in his home state, but that no date had been set.
Ready, 42, lives in Ogunquit, Maine. He has a small business doing custom awnings, carpentry, painting, welding and other general handyman services, Gural said. Ready is also a photographer. The two men have been together since spring 2007.
Frank was attending a retreat Thursday with other House Democrats on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
During an appearance on PBS’ “The Charlie Rose Show” earlier this month, Frank said he was looking forward to leaving Congress and spending time with Ready.
“Look, I have a partner now, Jim Ready; I have an emotional attachment. I`m in love for the first time in my life,” Frank said on the show.
Gay rights supporters saluted Frank’s engagement but noted that because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA, Ready would not enjoy the same rights as other spouses.
DOMA blocks the federal government from recognizing same-sex unions and says states that don’t have such marriages don’t have to recognize marriages performed in states that do.
“It is, of course, somewhat ironic that because of DOMA and because Barney is a federal employee, Jim won’t be eligible for any of the benefits that any other spouse would be able to get,” said Lee Swislow, executive director of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, the Boston legal rights organization that brought the case that led to Massachusetts becoming the first state in the country to legalize gay marriage.
“I think it’s always positive when public figures are role models in these critical societal institutions,” Swislow added.
Frank, 71, won his House seat in 1980 and was one of the first lawmakers to come out of the closet.
Ready has made some headlines in recent years with Frank.
He was charged in August 2007 with marijuana cultivation for allegedly growing more than five marijuana plants on his property, records from the York County, Maine, district attorney’s office show. That charge was dismissed after Ready complied with a deferred disposition agreement and admitted to a charge of civil possession of marijuana.
Frank later told the Boston Globe that he was at Ready’s house when Ready was arrested, but that he never saw the marijuana and has never smoked any. Frank has also said Ready has promised him never to repeat his mistake.
During Frank’s 2010 re-election bid, Ready had a brisk exchange of words with Frank’s Republican challenger Sean Bielat after the candidates debated. Ready was taking photos of Bielat.
A Boston Herald video showed Ready saying, “You better get used to it, dude,” after Bielat asked him about the photos.
Ready then said, “It’s a free country, isn’t it?” and a chuckling Bielat replied, “It sure is, at least if we can get the Congress back.”
Frank’s campaign at the time said that Ready was an amateur photographer who took pictures at many campaign events and that no harm was intended.
Last November, Frank announced that he was retiring at the end of his current term, his 16th in Congress.
He said he was retiring because his Massachusetts district has changed so much he would have to spend too much time campaigning for re-election.
Frank has been in the House since 1981 and represents the state’s 4th District, which stretches from the upscale Boston suburbs of Newton and Brookline to the working-class cities of New Bedford and Taunton in southeastern Massachusetts.
Associated Press writers Denise Lavoie in Boston and Clarke Canfield in Maine contributed to this report.

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The Intellectual Disaster of American Conservatism (Liberalism)

December 18, 2011

by Mario Rizzo
I watched a rather good debate this morning on the ABC News program This Week. The participants were journalist George Will and Congressman Paul Ryan (on the “right”) and Congressman Barney Frank and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich (“on the ‘left”). You can watch it now or simply read the transcript. The topic for the debate was “There is too much government in my life.”
I thought the “right” handled the economic questions very well. I was especially impressed (because I don’t know him as well) by Paul Ryan’s knowledge and debating skill. But I kept wishing that George Will was in one of his libertarian moods because the “left” exposed some glaring inconsistencies on matters of social and military policy. For whatever reason, Will played the good conservative in the debate (perhaps to avoid causing splits on the “conservative” side of the debate).
I think the “left” (mainly Barney Frank) played an excellent card. He stressed how he was for more government in the economic sphere but for less government in the social and military sphere. On the other hand, the “right” did not try to exploit the inconsistencies between the “left’s” philosophy of economic regulation and its support of liberties in other areas.
I am more interested in the inconsistencies of conservatism than I am in the inconsistencies of liberals, so-called.  I cannot really explain why. Perhaps it is because I think that conservatives are more teachable on the social issues than “liberals” are on the economic issues. Or perhaps it is because I am an economist and I spend more of my time thinking and discussing economic issues. Therefore, I gravitate toward people who share my views, namely conservatives.
So now I can turn to two conclusions from watching the debate : (1) Barney Frank made powerful points against Will and Ryan; (2) Will and Ryan seemed anemic, sometimes non-existent,  in their responses –perhaps even somewhat embarrassed by the conservative “cross” they had to bear (okay that is clearly my interpretation).
Take a look. (The dashed lines mean that parts of the discussion have been omitted.)

Barney Frank:  On the other hand, and my conservative friends who claim that they are for small government are the ones who tell us that an adult shouldn’t be able to gamble on the Internet. We have the leading judicial conservative, Antonin Scalia, absolutely in a snit because you can’t be sent to jail if you have personal sexual relations of which he does not approve. We have a series of interventions by the conservatives in those choices that should be left to individuals.

Paul Ryan: I fault the president for thinking that society is transparent and easy to regulate.
George Will: Well, I’m worried, actually, by the mad proliferation of cameras following us through our lives. It does seem to me that when you say when does X trump personal liberty? Almost never.
Christiane Amanpour: When it’s a matter of saving lives?
Will: I don’t want to make safety parallel with, equal to, let alone trump personal liberty.
Frank: I would welcome — I do — there’s a complication when you’re driving a car, because it implicates others. But I would assume, George, you’re going to sign on with me and Ron Paul in removing the criminal penalties on the use of marijuana and on stopping this terrible regulation of the Internet in which we tell adults that they can’t gamble. 
And frankly, here is where the right wing is very much for big government. They are the ones who want to regulate personal choices. Birth control, whether or not — we’ll leave aside abortion, which is more controversial — they want to regulate the use of birth control. As I said, gambling. Private sexual practices. Who can get married. I have never understood why heterosexuals who want to get married, believe that if I were to marry a man, they would somehow lose interest in their wives. I am not — I am not aware of what my attractive role would be there.
So, in fact, it is the case — there’s also the case of course with the military, and again, we didn’t get any take-up of that, but a major reason for the expansion in American government, taxation, et cetera, is an overly extended American military, which is committed all over the world to accomplish all kinds of social and economic purposes far beyond defense.
But, let’s talk about individual liberty. Gambling, marijuana, personal sexual practices, what people can read — here is the case where, frankly, it is the right wing, particularly the social issues component of the right wing, that has been the ones fostering big government.
Ryan: I noticed, Barney, you have a big thing with the national defense, with the Defense Department. That’s the primary function of the federal government. You may not like what they do.
Frank: But to build bridges in Afghanistan — where in the Constitution is that?

Frank: Can I get an answer on marijuana, George? Are you with me on it? I mean, personal liberty, if someone wants to smoke marijuana who’s an adult, why do you want to make them go to jail?
Will: As you know, first of all, on the Internet gambling, as you know, I’m on the — a supporter of the Barney Frank bill.
Frank: Yes.
Will: With regard to marijuana, I need to know more about — whether it’s a gateway to other drugs. I need to know how you’re going to regulate it, whether you’re going to advertise it. I am open to the–
Frank: Oh, you’re just a copout.
Will: We’re not–
Frank: It’s been around for a long time. The gateway — anything is a gateway to anything. That’s — and let’s put it this way, that’s the slippery slope argument, which is a very anti- libertarian argument. The fact is that if someone is doing something that’s not in itself wrong, that it might lead later on to something else, then stop the something else. Don’t lock them up for smoking marijuana.
Will: What you’re calling a copout is I’m calling a quest for information.
Frank: How long is it going to last, George? We’ve been doing it for decades.
Will: I understand liberalism’s aversion to information because it often does not go in their direction.
Frank:  No, I’m averse — I’ve been studying this for a long time. You know, you’re on Medicare, and how much longer are we going to have to wait for you to make up your mind?

I excerpted the parts that I believe expose the conservative inconsistencies best. You should read or listen to the entire debate. It is one of the few political interchanges on tv worth your time.
In conclusion, I would echo Barney Frank’s point to George Will: Hurry up and decide the marijuana issue – your days are numbered (as are all of our days).
(By the way, I am not changing my overall views of Barney Frank. I think the Dodd-Frank bill is terrible, and so forth.)

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  1. TJ Says:

    “The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended.”
    Frederick Bastiat

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Did Barney Frank fix David Brock’s parking tickets?

Facts down the Glory Hole –the Soros whores try to whitewash the Barney Frank whores, again!

Over at the Soros funded Media Matter for America smear site, the boys and girls like David Brock who lie for George Soros and his puppet candidates (and get nice $2 million houses on California Street in Kalorama/Embassy Row for it, unlike Soros’ mistress who went public this year because he never delivered on the condo he promised her), are performing their Orwellian function, tossing facts down the memory hole:

Right-Wing Media Celebrate Barney Frank’s Retirement By Reviving Prostitution Smear

December 05, 2011 6:10 pm ET
Following Rep. Barney Frank’s announcement that he wouldn’t be seeking a 17th term in office, most major news outlets praised openly gay Frank for his career advocating for LGBT equality and supporting financial reform. However, right-wing media outlets used the opportunity to revive discredited allegations of Frank’s involvement in a prostitution ring in the 1980s.

Right-Wing Media Reviv eDiscredited Prostitution Smear Against Barney Frank

Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell: Media Don’t Want To Talk About Frank’s “House Of Male Prostitution.” After airing several news reports announcing Frank’s retirement, Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked Media Research Center president Brent Bozell: “What is missing” from these reports?Hannity continued:
HANNITY: Did anyone — because you follow this a little more closely than I do because you’re looking for bias — did anybody mention a guy by the name of Stephen Gobie in any of these reports?
BOZELL: No. No. That’s a chapter they don’t want to revisit. They don’t want to talk about the house of male prostitution that was going on in his townhouse. [Fox News, Hannity,12/1/11]
Talk Show Host Larry Elder: Media Outlets Avoided Mentioning Frank’s Supposed Ties To A Male Prostitute. In a December 1 column on Townhall.com, radio talk host Larry Elder chastised the media for failing to mention “liberal, gay, untouchable” Frank’s apparent ties to to a male prostitute:
The Big Three nightly news anchors and the Times also managed to avoid any mention of Frank’s congressional reprimand for fixing the parking tickets of a male prostitute.
“Representative Frank,” writes National Review, “was reprimanded by the House for making misleading statements to a Virginia prosecutor on behalf of the prostitute — whom the congressman eventually put on his own payroll — and for having fixed dozens of parking tickets on this behalf.” Frank denied knowing that his lover, a convicted drug dealer, was running a prostitution business out of the congressman’s house. The boyfriend, however, insisted that Frank knew about it. [Townhall.com, 12/1/11]
Radio Host Michael Reagan: Frank’s Prostitution Ties Are Part Of His “Sexual Deviancy.” In a December 1 column on Townhall.com, syndicated talk radio host Michael Reagan cited Frank’s “homosexual roommate and lover [who] had once used the congressman’s residence almost as a brothel” as an example of Frank’s “sexual deviancy”:
Paul Kane of the Post continued to slobber: “On the left, Frank was a hero both for his effort to rein in the nation’s largest banks and for his role in promoting gay rights, having been the first member of Congress to declare his sexual orientation while in office.”
The Post glossed over the fact that Barney Frank’s homosexual roommate and lover had once used the congressman’s residence almost as a brothel. That, I assume, comes under the heading of “promoting gay rights.”
For all his sexual deviancy, Barney Frank’s greatest offense had more to do with his ultra-left wing policies. [Townhall.com, 12/1/11]
Jason Mattera: Frank’s Apartment “Was Also Operating As Gay Brothel.” In a November 29 column on Human Events, editor Jason Mattera seemed to mock the idea that Frank didn’t know about the “gay brothel” in his apartment:
Unlike the Times, the Washington Post did mention Frank’s, er, interesting partner choices over the years, one that resulted in the infamous “allegations involving his relationship with a male prostitute who worked out of the lawmaker’s Capitol Hill townhouse.” (Side note: The Washington Post frames the boyfriend as someone who “worked” out of Barney’s house? I guess that’s one way to put it. Another was that Barney Frank’s Washington, D.C., apartment was also operating as gay brothel, of which Frank denies he had any knowledge. Snort.) [Human Events, 11/29/11]
Limbaugh: “If Running A Prostitution Ring In Your House Couldn’t Make You Resign, What Does?” From the November 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show:
LIMBAUGH: If running a prostitution ring in your house couldn’t make you resign, what does? This is a question — wait a minute — Barney did not run the prostitution ring. He said he didn’t know that it was going on. It was his partner at the time, Steven Gobie. Yeah. Barney fixed parking tickets for the clientele at the house. So if running a prostitu- if having a prostitution ring being run out of your basement couldn’t embarrass you to retire, you have to — you do have to wonder what it is. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show,11/28/11]
Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: Frank Will “Open Up A Bed And Breakfast… It’ll Just Be Beds.” On the November 29 edition of Fox News’ The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld stated:
GUTFELD: Can I make a prediction though? In a – where do we see Frank going? I see a memoir in eight months called “Being Frank,” ‘cause I think that’s nice. You like that? You like that? He’ll talk about being gay, struggling with his weight, and then he’s going to later after that open up a bed and breakfast. In it, there won’t be any breakfast, it’ll just be beds, but it’ll be highly successful. [Fox News, The Five11/29/11]

House Ethics Committee Cleared Frank Of All Allegations

House Ethics Committee Concluded That Frank “Did Not Have Either Prior Or Concomitant Knowledge Of Prostitution Activities” In His Apartment. From the Report Of the Committee On Standards Of Official Conduct (CSOC):
Based upon information obtained under subpoena and sworn testimony, the Committee concludes that the weight of the evidence indicates that Representative Frank did not have either prior or concomitant knowledge of prostitution activities involving third parties alleged to have taken place in his apartment. … Representative Frank’s landlords … submitted sworn testimony contradicting Mr. Gobie’s assertion. … The Committee, therefore, further concludes that no further action is warranted.
Sworn Testimony Contradicted Gobie’s Allegations That He Used Frank’s Apartment For “Prostitution Activities.” From the CSOC report:
Not only have Representative Frank’s landlords, Colonel and Mrs. James Daugherty, submitted sworn testimony contradicting Mr. Gobie’s assertion, Mr. Gobie’s assertion has also been rendered questionable by the fact that his claims of call-forwarding service were contradicted by the telephone company. […]
While much has been said, written, and speculated with respect to Representative Barney Frank’s relationship with Stephen L. Gobie, it is clear that most, if not all, of such media attention has been the product of assertions made by Mr. Gobie. As has been discussed in detail in prior sections of this Report, the Committee went to great lengths in seeking testimony or other information relevant to the assertions. In numerous instances where an assertion made by Mr. Gobie (either publicly or during his Committee deposition) was investigated for accuracy, the assertion was contradicted by third-party sworn testimony or other evidence of Mr. Gobie himself. [CSOC Report, emphasis added, 7/20/90]

Of course all Brock and the Media Matters brothel have is that a Democratic Congressional Committee absolved Barney Frank of knowing that his roommate was a prostitute and pimp.  If true, wouldn’t this imply that Barney Frank is way too stupid to hold elected office?

Wikipedia, which unlike National Public Radio and Media Matters and the Obama administration, Soros has not bought yet, records the fact that Barney Frank was REPRIMANDED by the Congress as he had fixed 33 parking tickets for Gobie’s clients who had parked illegally or for too long outside the Frank-Gobie home while being serviced:

In 1985 Frank was still closeted. That year he hired Steve Gobie for sex, a male prostitute, and they became friends more than sexual partners.[24] Frank housed Gobie and hired him with personal funds as an aide, housekeeper and driver and paid for his attorney and court-ordered psychiatrist.[24] In 1987 Frank kicked Gobie out after he was advised by his landlord that Gobie kept escorting despite the support and was doing so in the residence.[24][25] Later that year Gobie’s friends convinced him he had a gay male version of Mayflower Madam, a TV movie they had been watching.[24] In 1989 Gobie tried to initiate a bidding war for the story between WUSA-TV (Channel 9), the Washington Times, and The Washington Post.[24] He then gave the story to The Washington Times for nothing, in hopes of getting a book contract.[25] Amid calls for an investigation Frank asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate his relationship “in order to insure that the public record is clear.”[26] The Committee found no evidence that Frank had known of or been involved in the alleged illegal activity and dismissed all of Gobie’s more scandalous claims; they recommended a reprimand for Frank using his congressional office to fix 33 of Gobie’s parking tickets and for misstatements of fact in a memorandum relating to Gobie’s criminal probation record.[27] The House voted 408–18 to reprimand Frank.[28][29] 

And if there were 33 parking tickets (in DC you usually cannot park for over 2 hours during the day on a residential unmetered street if you do not have a resident parking sticker for the neighborhood), how many MORE johns and hustlers were running in and out of their home who walked, biked, used the subway, or parked legally?  And why would Congress reprimand someone for fixing parking tickets if they were just neighbors or constituents?  Doesn’t the reprimand imply that there was something shady about fixing these tickets — like that they were clients of Frank’s spouse, providing the Frank-Gobie household with illicit income?

Perhaps it is all explained by this cozy photo of Brock (black T shirt) and Frank getting chummy at a beach party:

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The conventional wisdom of the gay press and gay politics is that gays must overlook, and even lie about, the many failures, both personal and political, from public relations to political economy, of Barney Frank, because he is gay and spoke out on gay issues.  Few maintain that Frank is a pleasant or personable.  As MetroWeekly editor Sean Bugg concluded in his column this week, entitled “To Be Frank:”
Frank may sometimes have been “a total asshole,” but he was one of ours….
The hagiography and mythologizing have continued unabated all week, in every gay publication and many others, capped this weekend with Christiane Amanpour’s puff piece “interview” on ABC’s This Week, where Frank was asked not a single difficult question, but did say one or two interesting things about how gridlock may be upon us, with the Bush tax cuts expiring, for everyone, automatically, and the SuperCommittee’s failure leading to automatic budgets cuts across the board, including in defense spending, so that his aims of higher taxes and reduced defense spending (though perhaps not his real goal of ever-increasing government spending) will be achieved without him.  Of course, he is assuming the Democrats aren’t going to lose the White House or lose so many seats in the House and Senate that gridlock is maintained.
Why should we assume that if Barney Frank had not been driven out of public life earlier some other champion of gay rights, with a more presentable personal life or a less statist politics or both, would not have emerged to replace him, with positive benefits for the gay American?  Perhaps Tammy Baldwin’s opinion would have been more sought after as the go-to gay.  Maybe Donna Brazile or Barbara Mikulski would have come out of the closet publicly.
As it is we now have as the most famous gay politician someone who fixed the parking tickets of the clients of his live-in prostitute boyfriend and who sat by and watched and even contributed to the housing and mortgage crisis that helped instigate the current depression, with 11% real unemployment, 16% underemployment, and the lowest labor force participation rate (64%) sine the Great Depression.  Over half the country now thinks of these things when they think of gay politicians.  Thanks Barn!
One of the funniest aspects of the attempts to defend Frank is part of the Leftover establishment’s  broader argument that government spending did not inflate the asset bubble in housing and other property development leading to the current crash, and that in particular government sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played no part in it.  Congressman Frank was active in the Congressional Committees that oversaw the GSEs, coincidentally while one of his partners (he is a serial monogamist), Herb Moses, was a program director employed by them, none of this ever disclosed as it would be if they had been a married couple.  (Great article on Frank, Moses and the GSEs at the ThinkMarkets blog at http://thinkmarkets.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/fannie-dodd-frank-and-barney-frank/ )
Gay (David Brock) controlled and Soros funded Media Matters, in the running for the most dishonest whore site on the net, devoted many pages attempting to rebut articles on Fannie and Freddie headlined:

Media Conservatives Absolve Wall Street, Falsely Blame Barney Frank For Housing Crisis

November 29, 2011 1:34 am ET

Which is funny since Media Matter’s David Brock and Barney Frank are drinking and hugging buddies, as seen in this photo from a few years back where they are very comfortable (Frank in middle, Brock on right in black tank top).  It must be nice to have such loyal allies!

Of course the GSE’s pushing low interest loans at marginal low income buyers is NOT the primary cause of the economic crisis, and even the GSE’s stamping a government grade A approval on shaky loans that were then accepted as government AAA rated by the bond market and securitized and sold, later to be exposed as disastrous investments was not the primary cause.

Instead the deeper cause is the government monopoly money system, which exists to allow the government, and its Federal Reserve system, to create fiat credit and currency, with no fear of consumer retribution (as there are no legal competing currencies to flee into), which is used to buy government debt and fund government expansion beyond the amount of tax predation that would result in open revolution.  The inflation caused by the fiat credit steals savings from taxpayers without their initial notice, to transfer purchasing power to government.  It also lowers interest rates, since the government can sell the bonds to banks using the fiat money instead of offering higher interest rates on the bonds to outbid other opportunities competing for investors.  Lower interest rates inflate asset bubbles (dot.coms, housing, vacation resorts, student loans).   But the fiat money that makes lower rates possible, then cause later inflation (as more dollars chase the same amount of goods) that makes the industries buying the assets no longer profitable (eg adjustable rate mortgages rise because of inflation), leading to a crash, and if the market is left free, a liquidation of the mal-investment (see FA Hayek, von Mises, Tom Woods, or Johan Norberg for fuller explanations). Barney Frank has almost always voted for increases in government spending, and like most Democrats and even most Republicans, has been little concerned about deficit spending until recently.

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Sadly, Barney Frank’s perfectly reasonable decision to retire, at the advanced age of 71, does perpetuate the stereotype that gay men are cowards. Frank will finally be able to cash in like a Tom Daschle or a Rahm Emmanuel, attempting to sell his connections to Wall Street banks and crony capitalists who depend on government regulation, or at least find a little sinecure spinning propaganda at MSNBC or Harvard.

His chickening out has led to some good humor.

Charles Krauthammer’s epitaph for Frank’s Congressional career has me kicking myself out of envy: “Frank has finally found a way to help solve the nation’s economic crisis – retire.”

A conservative, gay unfriendly blog also had this humorous piece:


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A victim of his own pro-regressive politics, the Taxachusetts economy and relative population have shrank so that it dropped from 10 to 9 Congressional districts.  Having faced his first real electoral challenge in the last race, Barney did not think he could be re-elected if he had to do it again in a new district of unfamiliar voters.

AT his 1 pm press conference he gave a long list of reasons for quitting.  Not included was a need, as some wags put it, “to spend more time with his family”  (Frank has had a series of 4 or more partners while in Congress, from someone who was running an escort service from his basement, to someone growing pot in the partner’s home, to a Fannie Mae bureaucrat whose work was a conflict of interest for Frank, who served on a committee overseeing Fannie Mae).

Rep. Frank won’t run for reelection

By Erik Wasson and Russell Berman – 11/28/11 09:54 AM ET
Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) will announce Monday that he is not seeking re-election, ending a 32-year career in the House.

Frank, 71, is the top Democrat on the Financial Services Committee and the architect, with former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), of the sweeping Wall Street regulatory reform law enacted in 2010.

He is scheduled to hold a press conference at 1 p.m. in his district, according to a spokesman, who said the congressman would announce at that time the reason for his decision. His retirement will deprive the House of one of its most colorful characters, a man known for his quick and often caustic wit.

Elected in 1980, Frank survived scandal early in his career and rose to become the nation’s most powerful openly-gay elected official. After coming out publicly, he became a champion for gay rights and helped campaign for an end to the military’s ban on gays serving openly, which ended this year.

His legislative legacy is likely to be the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill that passed in 2010 in the wake of the Wall Street meltdown that sent the economy into a tailspin in 2008. Hailed by the Obama administration, the law has drawn sharp criticism in the Republican presidential nomination fight, and one leading contender, former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), even suggested that Frank be jailed, along with Dodd, for their support of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the lead-up to the financial crisis.

Massachusetts lost one House seat in the redistricting process, meaning two members of the all-Democratic delegation would have had to face one another. But Rep. John Olver’s (D-Mass.) retirement announcement in October saved lawmakers from that scenario. Frank, who won reelection with 54 percent last cycle, was considered to have a safe reelection bid despite his district’s newly drawn lines, which make it more competitive.

— This story was updated at 10:31 a.m.

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