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Sarah Palin fires up conservative grassroots in speech at CPAC – The Hill’s Video

One of the things the lamestream media never reports on is that Palin has a huge gay following.  If you look at who runs Palin fan groups on FaceBook, or if you go to a Palin book signing and look at who is standing in line, it’s super obvious.

Oh and by the way leftover bitches, besides being smarter and more honest, she is a hell of a lot better looking than Margaret Cho, Sandra Bernhard, Kathy Griffith, Cher, Barbara Streisand, and (even the adorable) Bette Midler.  Your divas are kinda fugly, proglodyte trolls.


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DC Libertarians: DC Libertarian Party Lauds CEI for standing up against anti-gay bigotry at CPAC

The D.C. Libertarian Party commended the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) for speaking up for inclusion of LGBT voices at this week’s Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC), and condemned CPAC for another year of slamming the door in the face of gay people.  

The District-based free market think tank hosted the panel – “A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of the Closet” – to challenge CPAC’s decision to reject GOProud, the group of gay small government advocates, as an event sponsor again this year.

“Given the shameful silence about this act of exclusion from the parade of Republican politicians across CPAC’s stage – and the unmistakable message from the ‘official’ conservative movement that says: ‘We don’t want you,’” said Ryan Sabot, DCLP chair, “D.C. Libertarians understand that LGBT voters – and their straight friends and family – who want government out of both their personal lives and their pocketbooks are looking for new choices on D.C. ballots.”

“D.C.’s Libertarian Party is proud to welcome members of the District’s gay community into our campaigns for a free D.C,” added Bruce Majors, the Libertarian candidate for D.C. Delegate to Congress who won full party status for the DCLP last November.

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Ne Menendez Plus

Pre-CPAC gossip:

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, starts Thursday and runs through the weekend.  It’s unclear what libertarian contingent will be there this year, as the gay groups have been banned and Ron Paul is not running for office. (Though Rand Paul is in the straw poll.)

However, CPAC related parties in DC started tonight, and there was gossip to be had.  Here is tonight’s catch.

Ne Menendez Plus

Expect to see stories next week revealing connections of the pol accused of unseemly sex addictions to underage girls showing that he is also connected to drug cartels and organized crime in different countries.  And that his media body guards who have been spinning for him actually endangered the lives of innocent women by making things up and revealing names and faces.  A resignation is predicted.

Affirmative Action for Ex-Gays

Peter LaBarbera, an “ex-gay” who runs a group devoted to exposing the “truth about homosexuality” has written requesting that the libertarians organizing the one panel on gay rights at CPAC put him on it to give his perspective.  Even though in the new gay free CPAC he could be on any other panel on social issues. 

Hissey to D.C.?

Matthew Hissey, a Philadelphia gay tea party activist and ISFLC attendee who currently works for AFP in Pennsylvania may be moving to DC.  But he won’t be at CPAC.  Newly single, he is vacationing in Aruba this weekend.  Our advice to this cute young blond – don’t accept drinks from any island hopping Senators.

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes (an editor at the neo-Stalinist Nation magazine)  is as far as we know a nerdy heterosexual, not even really metrosexual, though when he lived in DC he could be spotted in line at the R Street Starbucks in DuPont Circle, DC’s original gayborhood.

He’s refusing to speak at the new “hets only” CPAC.  Over at the conservative website Pat Dollard, they headline this as “gay blackmail.”  But Chris Hayes and Christopher Malagisi at the American Conservative Union and all the people at CPAC are straight.  So why is this gay blackmail?  Where is the gay person being blackmailed or blackmailing anyone?

Home  »  Media  »  GoProud Or Go Fuck Yourselves: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Invited To Speak At CPAC, Responds With Gay Blackmail

Feb 23, 2013 1 Comment Infidel

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Excerpted from The Daily CallerYou might have heard that CPAC invited liberal MSNBC host Chris Hayes to speak on a panel at CPAC this year.
This morning, Hayes took to the air (and his blog) to give the organizers his demands, err, conditions for accepting this honor.
According to Hayes, his initial instinct was to accept the invitation,
“But then I remembered, thanks to a number of conservatives in my twitter feed, a pretty gross episode from 2011.
That year the board of the American Conservative Union, which sponsors CPAC, voted to ban the gay conservative group GOProud from sponsoring the 2012 conference. GOProud was founded in 2009 by two former Log Cabin Republican staffers and its co-founder Chris Barron told me that one of the first things they did was send a check to the ACU to co-sponsor CPAC. They were accepted as sponsors in 2010 and in 2011, but social conservatives mobilized against them and ultimately prevailed.

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There was a whole gay party at CPAC, the Scotch and Cigars Party, advertised in advance on this blog, sponsored by the gay friendly OneNationPac.

In addition the only openly gay candidate, Fred Karger, was at CPAC, and held an after hours party as well.

It’s true that GOProud wasn’t there and didn’t table, nor did many of the groups that have in the past like Antiwar.com, the Libertarian Party, Campaign for Liberty, or the Ron Paul campaign.  CPAC did change hands, it was more monochromatically conservative, and one gay group, GOProud, was banned, though the excuse given was their confrontational nature, not their being gay.  Breitbart had nothing to do with their being banned, and was going to boycott CPAC (which Roger Simon and PJTV may have done) when he was on the GOProud board.  Having left the board because GOProud slipped up and practiced “outing,” he ended up going.

Almost none of the leftover websites or mainstream media reported that 50% of CPAC attendees were 25 and under; in the CPAC Presidential straw poll 44% of those voting were students.  People at CPAC often look like this:

The actual homophobes at CPAC are often easy to spot, since most of them are curiously asexual man boys who run around in pairs draped in red sashes, and often playing some woodwind instrument like the piccolo or the bagpipes:
What’s offensive about Mr. Christopher’s parochialism below when he calls Cynthia Yockey’s claim that gay rights will come “from the right” instead of Obama is offensive, is his blindness to how the welfare state has long oppressed gays.  In particular how it is the locus of school bullying, by denying families school choice and the ability to take a bruised and beaten kid out of a hostile school and enroll him somewhere else.

CPAC Attack: Liz Glover Confronts Andrew Breitbart And Dana Loesch Over GOProud Ban



One of the regular features of the Conservative Political Action Conference is the annual rite of the behind-the-scenes viral video kerfuffle. This year’s version features freelance Washington, DC video gadfly Liz Glover, last seen asking Newt Gingrichif he’s currently in an open marriage, confronting conservative media provocateur Andrew Breitbartover gay conservative group GOProud‘s exclusion from the conference, with a quick tag-in by Big Journalism Chief Editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch.
One of the highlights of last year’s CPAC was the way the conference defied gay-hating organizations to stand by GOProud’s inclusion, which was winningly symbolized at the prior year’s conference when an anti-gay speaker was booed off the stage. Unfortunately, the American Conservative Union bowed to pressure in July, voting to exclude the group from CPAC 2012.
Months after that decision, Andrew Breitbart resigned from the board of GOProud over the group’s outing of a Rick Perry staffer.
It was against that backdrop that Liz Glover confronted Andrew Breitbart Friday night, in the CPAC “Blogger’s Lounge,” over gay conservative activist Cynthia Yockey‘s contention that Breitbart is “a better friend to the gay community than Barack Obama.”
I was in the lounge, cursing at my computer as it continued to fail at everything, when I noticed a crowd gathered around Breitbart, and that uncomfortable disturbance in The Force when something awkward is going down. Glover was pressing Breitbart over GOProud’s exclusion, and over his split with the group (which he called “complicated”), when he began to attack Glover’s line of questioning. That’s when I grabbed my camera.
Glover defended herself from the charge that her questioning consisted of an “op-ed” by reminding Breitbart that “My stuff was on BreitbartTV last week!”
Breitbart paused, and asked, “How do you get your eyes to do the pinwheel thing?”
“That’s really sweet,” Glover replied, “picking on reporters.”
At this point, Dana Loesch tagged in, and told Glover to “act like a lady,” and that she needed to “up (her) game.”
Breitbart waded back in momentarily, then walked off, leaving Loesch to scold Glover for the “faulty premise” of her questions. While  Breitbart’s split with GOProud is arguably justified, though, the ACU’s decision to exclude them far predated the outing of the Perry staffer.
Glover stood her ground, and turned her focus on Cynthia Yockey, who wrote, for The Advocate, thatLGBT equality would “come from the right.”
I first met Cynthia at my very first CPAC, and while I like her very much, this is an offensive premise, akin to saying that a reduction in violent crime will come from murderers. The right is, and has long been, the primary obstacle to LGBT equality, and even Yockey’s piece is centered on the idea that equality can only occur by begging conservatives for it:
The bad news is that regardless of this vast support from the right, LGBTs on the left have only about a year to learn the language of conservatism and persuade the conservative movement that we have an unalienable right to equality. That’s because conservatives now control a majority of state legislatures and probably will also control the White House and Congress come 2013. Passing an anti–marriage equality amendment to the Constitution in Congress and getting it ratified by the states probably will be one of the first things conservatives will do, unless LGBT folks start supporting Breitbart, GOProud, and others on the right who are making real changes in our favor.
That’s some seriously twisted logic. The entire argument in favor of gay conservatism seems to be that it’s possible, even preferable, to be more greedy than gay, to overlook bigotry and oppression in favor of your own (perceived) economic interests.
As for Breitbart, he has long supported gay conservatives, but unless his position has changed since the last time we spoke about it, he says he is “agnostic” on the question of gay marriage. Conservatives love to hide behind President Obama’s “evolving” views on gay marriage, but you could hardly make the case that Andrew Breitbart, who props up a political movement dedicated to codifying inequality, is better, no matter how many awesome parties he throws.
Here’s the clip, from Friday evening:

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So the leftover community of handi-capable graduates of the educrat cartels on Twitter, led by has-been comedienne Liz Winstead, on one of her supervised trips from her wet mattress at the retirement home, are apparently shocked that there are homosexuals at CPAC, or in the Woodley Park Marriott Hotel, or in NW DC, or something. So they are combing the Internet trying to find Internet ads from CPAC gays so they can out them: http://onswipe.com/hypervocal/#!/entry/4f3461afda05dc9f6e2ce413.

Isn’t it enough Lizzie, that you defend a system of state monopoly schools where gay kids are beaten on play grounds across the country, just because you need to deny their families school choice, and ensure that you sell enough little slaves to the educrat cartels to get campaign loot for your candidates?

Or is it just envy, that those old dusty thighs aren’t getting any touch?

Why don’t you go over to Chemistry.com where you can see your Media Matters for America hero David Brock’s new dating ad where he specifies that he only dates white men?

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