After some logistical mishaps, openly gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger hosted what he said was a successful reception for CPAC attendees and media types last Friday in his suite at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.
“Successful” means such different things to different people.
Nicholas Thimmescha pal of Karger’s who works on his campaign, told FBDC that the reception was to be hosted at 6 p.m in Karger’s hotel suite. We showed up at his door (pictured to the right) 10 minutes past the hour and no one was there. A serious faux pas, indeed.
But there was, in fact, a reception and we had to hear about it from several CPAC attendees. We caught up with Karger the next day to find out what happened. He told us about some miscommunication between him and Thimmesch, blamed it on a case of temporary “dyslexia” and apologized profusely. We’re all about redemption in the Fishbowl. All is forgiven.
Unfortunately for Karger, however, his party was busted up at 11 p.m. He told us security barged in and demanded that everyone clear out. Karger said they had to call an early end to the party.