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There are 3,143 counties in the United States.

In each of those counties, a public official is responsible for issuing marriage licenses to those who are legally entitled to them.

As far as I am aware, none of those officials is empowered to deny a marriage license to a couple simply because he or she doesn’t approve of the marriage.

But then there is Kim Davis, the elected Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky. Claiming religious objections, Ms. Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She even went to jail for a few days rather than carry out her statutory duty. Suddenly, Ms. Davis is a national celebrity, a martyr, a hero, a criminal or whatever — depending on one’s point of view.

We even watched as presidential candidates literally raced to Kentucky to be the first to join Ms. Davis for a photo op outside the jail when she was released.

It was quite a spectacle, and it isn’t over yet.

Religious freedom is important. It is one of the liberties Our America seeks to protect — and even strengthen. That isn’t the issue, despite what too many politicians would have us believe. Ms. Davis has every right to believe whatever it is she believes. But when she is sitting at her taxpayer-funded desk in her taxpayer-funded office in a taxpayer-funded courthouse — collecting her taxpayer-funded salary, she does not have the luxury of impos ing her beliefs on those she is elected and paid to serve — especially when doing so means denying marriage rights that have been confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

It isn’t complicated, and her “disobedience” frankly isn’t worth the attention it has received. All over the nation, every day, public officials carry out responsibilities with which they may not be entirely comfortable. How many gun permits are issued by officials who are anti-gun? How many liquor licenses are handed out by teetotalers? Hundreds, if not thousands, of officials and public employees deal with such “conflicts” every day – – because we live in a nation that is founded on the idea that religious or personal beliefs, while preciously protected, cannot be imposed on the legally-protected freedoms of others. The alternative is tyranny.

Even in the case of marriage equality, while Ms. Davis is having her 15 minutes of fame, state and local officials across the nation are quietly and respectfully adjusting to a new, if long overdue, reality, including taking steps to make it easier for public employees to reconcile their duties with strongly-held beliefs.  If Ms. Davis can’t handle the conflict, then she can find another job. No one’s stopping her, and no one is stopping her beliefs.
It’s that simple.

No, this single County Clerk isn’t the issue. The REAL issue is that politicians, including some who want to be President, are using her behavior to promote an anti-liberty social agenda based on the notion that it is OK for government to impose beliefs at the expense of freedom.

This entire episode has reminded me why we created the Our America Initiative in the first place: To fight back against those who use the force of government to erode liberty — through unnecessary laws, overreaching policies and out-of-control spending and taxes.

The millions of Americans who believe government should exist to protect liberty, not destroy it, deserve a voice. Your financial support of the Our America Initiative makes it possible for us to provide that voice.

I hope you will go to Our America today and make a contribution that will help us restore Liberty as the real American value.
Thank you!

Gov. Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman

P.S. Fair, inclusive presidential debates in 2016 will go a long way toward putting the REAL issues on the agenda. Learn more about our fight for fair debates at FairDebates.com.

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This morning, the Our America Initiative joined with a newly-formed grassroots organization, Equal Marriage Arizona, to file the necessary paperwork to begin gathering signatures to place a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in Arizona to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.  Gathering the 400,000 signatures it will take to give Arizona voters a chance to enact  this historic amendment will be a massive undertaking — and I’m asking for your help.
Like a great many legal experts, I believe the U.S. Supreme Court will — any day now — empower states to decide the fundamental question of marriage equality.  We want to seize the momentum such a decision will create, and doing so in Arizona, a “conservative”  western state, will send a message of individual freedom to every corner of the nation.
We are extremely fortunate to have great leadership for Equal Marriage Arizona.  It is chaired by Warren Meyer, a Phoenix businessman and highly-regarded libertarian writer, and co-chaired by Erin Ogletree Simpson, a retired Tucson attorney and chair of Arizona’s Log Cabin Republicans.
We have crafted a proposed amendment that not only protects the rights of committed couples to marry, but also clearly protects the religious freedoms of all faiths.  The team is in place and the paperwork is filed.  Now, we need YOU.
Take a moment to watch this great we released this morning — and feel free to share with your friends.  
I urge you to go to OurAmericaInitiative.com today and make a contribution that will allow us to fund this landmark initiative.  While we will be depending heavily on volunteers and grassroots supporters to place the Equal Marriage Amendment on the ballot in Arizona, it is a simple reality that success will require substantial funding.
Overturning Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriage is just the first step in a broader effort that will extend to additional states in the days and weeks ahead.  Eliminating marriage discrimination requires a coalition that cuts across all political lines.  I am proud that this effort is being launched from a platform of liberty, individual freedom, and fundamental fairness — and I am excited by our prospects for success.  In a dramatic shift from a few short years ago, polls show that America is ready for marriage equality.
Our task is to provide them with the opportunity to go to the polls and take this decision away from the politicians and the courts.
Please go to OurAmericaInitiative.com today and let us know that you are ready to help, either by volunteering or making a financial contribution that will help us make some history in Arizona and beyond.
I am excited by this great opportunity, and look forward to having you as a part of this important step toward getting the government out of the business of discriminating against gay Americans.
Your friendship — and your support — are deeply appreciated.
Thank you,

Gov. Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman
Our America Initiative
P.S.  Don’t forget to visit OurAmericaInitiative.com today and let me know of your support.  We have a LOT of work to do, and must get started NOW.   
About Governor Gary Johnson: A two-term governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003, Gary Johnson has been a consistent advocate for limited, efficient government and personal liberty. As the Libertarian candidate for President in 2012, he received more votes than any Libertarian candidate in history. An outspoken pro-Constitution libertarian, Johnson opposes American involvement in foreign conflicts with no clear U.S. interest. He opposes the failed multi-billion dollar war on drugs and demands greater transparency at the Federal Reserve. Johnson advocates cutting federal spending dramatically to achieve a balanced budget and make government live within its means without raising taxes. He believes real job creation and economic opportunity can be best achieved through smaller government and less regulation. The National Review rated Johnson as “#1” in job creation as governor. An avid skier and bicyclist, he has reached the highest peaks on five of the seven continents, including Mount Everest and, recently, Aconcagua in Argentina.
OUR America Initiative seeks to broaden the parameters of the public policy debate in the national arena. We look to enlighten Americans about civil liberties, free enterprise, limited government, and the traditional American values of freedom and liberty. It is our aim to increase discussion and involvement regarding all-important issues of the day.
Our America Initiative      |       P.O. Box 1985, Salt Lake City, UT 84110       |       1.800.662.9601

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Johnson Hangs Out

Google Hangout
Gov. Gary Johnson will host an online Google Hangout on Tuesday, June 11, 2013, at 7 p.m. PDT/ 10 p.m. EDT, 
The 60-minute online event will give participants a chance to ask the former New Mexico Governor and Honorary Chairman of the Our America Initiative questions via a video chat on Google Plus.  
How to watch Google Hangout! 
If you are unable to join the hangout via web-cam, you can either watch it live on Google Plus or YouTube
If you can’t join us live, you can  watch the Hangout later on YouTube.
How to participate in the Google Hangout!
To participate, you will need a web camera with a microphone, and we recommend you use Google Chrome as your web browser to minimize any technical issues.
If you have a Google Plus account, make sure to add Gov. Gary Johnson to your circle or click here to email us with your email address so that we can add you on our end ahead of time.    
So how do you join? A few minutes before the Hangout goes live, we will paste the private hangout link on our social media pages: Google plus Event pageFacebook etc.

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Our Live Free campus tour is kicking offTONIGHT at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio!  And we have just made arrangements to live stream the event on Google Plus.  If you can’t be there in person, I hope you can watch.
It will begin at 6:30 p.m. EDT this evening, and you can watch by going to Google Plus events or OurAmericaInitiative.com.  I always enjoy talking to young people, taking their questions and hearing their views on the many important issues we face. I am looking forward to tonight’s event at Miami University, and encourage you to log on to OurAmericaInitiative.com and join us online.
Tonight’s visit to Miami U. is just the first stop on our tour — Tomorrow night we will be at Hillsdale College in Michigan, followed by events Wednesday and Thursday at the University of Illinois and the University of Missouri – St. Louis.  Next week, we will be at the University of New Mexico, Colorado University and the University of Utah.  You can see the complete schedule on Facebook or at OurAmericaInitiative.com.
Also, we have scheduled informal gatherings at each stop to simply get together with supporters of the Our America Initiative for some conversation, socializing and discussion of the liberty movement.  I would enjoy seeing you if you can join us.  Click here for the details.
Our Live Free campus tour is the first major project of the Our America Initiative for this year, and so far, the response is fantastic.  Young people understand what is at stake, and are ready to put their energy and enthusiasm to work for liberty, economic freedom and smaller government.  
Your support is the key ingredient of this and all our other activities — including more campus visits later this year and our Strategy Conference next week.  I hope I can count on you to not only participate, but to help provide the funding that is necessary to communicate our message and mobilize more and more Americans for the principles we share. Please go to Our America Initiative and contribute what you can to help build the momentum that liberty is clearly gaining as America tires of too much government, too much spending, and too many intrusions into our lives, our pocketbooks, and our rights.
Join us tonight online, or if you are nearby, please join us in person at one our Live Free events this week or next.  We’re on the move!
Governor Gary Johnson
Honorary Chairman
Our America Initiative
P.S.  Your support of our efforts is critical.  Please go to Our America Initiative and show your support for liberty!
Live Free Campus Tours
For more information visit:
“After-Rally” Parties
For more information visit:
Liberty Strategy Conference
Click here for more information.
Our America Store
Support Our America by purchasing gifts for yourself, family & friends such as: t-shirts, button, stickers, magnets & more!
Click here to visit online store
The OUR America Initiative is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors.

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I love Ann Coulter but I ruined her night last night. I went to her book signing at Americans for Tax Reform, the Grover Norquist group at 4, which had an open bar and shrimp and WMAL’s Chris Plante. I was carrying a bag of Majors for Congess window signs and buttons, as well as Gary Johnson buttons and flyers, as some ATR interns had asked me for a yard sign and I was going to a Gary Johnson happy hour afterwards. I saw a red head from Adams Morgan I have met before who is a big Ron Paul donor, and she saw my Gary Johnson button on my man purse and asked me for one, which she immediately fixed to her bosom. Ms. Coulter came in and grabbed my Majors for Congress button on my chest and read it and was puzzled and I explained I was running locally. Then she grabbed my friends Gary Johnson button and said “Oh, no, no, no, no, no! After that fabulous performance Wednesday you must be for Romney!” Later as I was in the huge line to get my copy of “Mugged” signed, and convey a hello from my neighbor who is an old friend of Ann’s, I heard someone ask if she had had a good day, and she said it had been great but now she had a headache because even here someone had a Gary Johnson button.

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