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For Immediate Release
Date: June 28, 2013
Contact: Ross Hemminger
Phone: (202) 670-3358


 Statement of Lisa De Pasquale, GOProud Chairwoman
(Washington D.C.)‒ The GOProud Board of Directors is pleased to announce its new staff.  Matt Bechstein will serve as Director of Development and Administration.  Shane Farmer will serve as Director of Operations and Outreach.  Ross Hemminger will serve as Director of Membership and Media Services.
GOProud chairwoman Lisa De Pasquale said, “We are very excited to have Matt, Ross and Shane as the new GOProud leadership team.  Their experience on numerous campaigns and in grassroots activism will be invaluable as GOProud turns its focus to state chapters and outreach on college campuses.”
De Pasquale continued, “This team is already full-steam ahead with a plan to expand GOProud’s membership, continue to build coalitions with like-minded groups and to engage in college outreach programs.  The GOProud board is confident that their efforts will further the organization’s mission to represent gay and straight Americans who support freedom by supporting free markets, limited government, and a respect for individual rights.”
Matt Bechstein is a long-time political activist dating back to his high school days where he helped organize a campaign to support U.S. troops. He served as the Executive Director of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans, helping to grow its membership to over 3,000. He has worked on numerous campaigns, managing races from the statehouse to Congress. Bechstein served as a political director at Iowans for Tax Relief. He is the former Manager of Operations and Outreach for GOProud. He left his post at GOProud to help in the 2012 election cycle. 
Shane Farmer is originally from South Carolina.  He has worked with conservative state officials and campaigns from his home state.  Farmer has an extensive background in working with political and non-political student organizations in South Carolina and remains active in helping these groups. He served several terms as the Chief Operating Officer of Furman University’s Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow where he helped the organization bring in a number of conservative speakers, including Ann Coulter, John Bolton, David Horowitz and Jonah Goldberg. Farmer is a veteran of GOProud having served as an intern for two separate semesters. 
Ross Hemminger is a native of Fostoria, Ohio. He attended Ave Maria University in Florida. He has a long history in Republican politics having worked for College Republican National Committee and having served as an aide to former U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) as well as Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez. Prior to working for Brown and Gomez, Hemminger interned for GOProud in 2011.

GOProud is a national organization of gay and straight Americans who seek to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government, and a respect for individual rights. We work to build strong coalitions of conservative and libertarian activists, organizations and policy makers to advance our shared values and beliefs. 

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Contrary to a rumor I’d heard and even repeated, GOProud is not disbanding.

Last night they had a comedy event fundraiser in DC just to prove it at RFD, a popular Chinatown venue, with four (straight male) comics from District Comedy, Simone (who MC’ed), Pat Coffey, Wes Martens, and headliner Mike Finazzo.  There was a lot of DC vs Baltimore humor and there were a lot of jokes about blacks and whites.  The comics, mainly Democrats as well as heterosexuals, did well relating to a non-Democratic gay male audience (over 50% of the crowd) even with such (planned?) faux pas as Wes Marten’s “I was so stupid as a teen — all I was looking for was the same thing as everyone else here then…oh…well…maybe not the same thing….”  But the half dozen lesbians there seem to have left pretty early, including the one who is a GOProud board member and her partner and friend.  And one young straight woman got some humor harassment from Pat Coffey that went over the line.

LaSalvia actually had the best line of the night:  “When we decided to start GOProud they told me we would be hated by the right and by the left. And that’s how we roll at GOProud, we take it in both ends.”  Simone did a lot of interracial dating jokes and stories: “I’ve fucked more white girls than anorexia”  and “Black guys and white girls go together like white guys and Asian girls. It’s the circle of life.”  Which led Wes Marten to retaliate with:  “So it turns out the same chemical that is in Viagra is found in watermelon, something called citrulline. I don’t want to say the brothers have been holding back, but…”  Wes also told a lot of self-deprecatory jokes about aging and being married:  “I’m an older comic, all my drugs have become medications – I went from Acapulco gold to Centrum silver overnight. I got some medical marijuana in California, but they gave it to me as a suppository.  And I couldn’t get it lit.”

Coffey, aside from making the women in the audience uncomfortable, had the best political jokes: “The Republicans have their first lesbian Senator…Lindsey Graham,” “I’m glad you found the venue, we we’re originally going to hold it in a giant closet” and “People get confused by gay Republicans. The IRS didn’t know whether to target you or not.”  As well as humor about his status as a near 40 year old virgin:  “My sex life took a hit recently. My keyboard broke.”

Finazzo did mainly humorous stories mainly about his own marriage.  Amusing but not roflmao and not easily transcribed.

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  • RFD, 810 7th Street NW
  • (goproudcomedy.eventbrite.com)

  • Come out to support GOProud! DC Comedy night at RFD at 810 7th St. NW. Purchase tickets online for $20 or at the door for $25.

810 7th St. NWWashington, District of Columbia 20001

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GOProud director Jimmy LaSalvia writes: Last week was a big week for GOProud! As most of you know, we were barred from being a sponsor of, or even speaking at, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). There was an outcry of protests at CPAC’s decision from the grassroots of the conservative movement, because they know that as we look to build a modern conservative coalition that can win, gay conservatives must be included.
Our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute understand the importance of our voice in this movement. They sponsored a panel discussion entitled “A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of the Closet,” and invited me to participate. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the room filled up with people wanting to hear our important message. Then, they began turning people away because the room was too crowded! Hundreds of conservatives turned out to show their support and to listen to the discussion. I hope that you’ll take time to watch the video of the event.
You can watch the entire program here.
Watch the clip of my remarks here.
Below is a small sample of the media coverage of the event –  

GOP gay-rights group makes voice heard at CPAC – NBC News

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DC Libertarians: DC Libertarian Party Lauds CEI for standing up against anti-gay bigotry at CPAC

The D.C. Libertarian Party commended the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) for speaking up for inclusion of LGBT voices at this week’s Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC), and condemned CPAC for another year of slamming the door in the face of gay people.  

The District-based free market think tank hosted the panel – “A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of the Closet” – to challenge CPAC’s decision to reject GOProud, the group of gay small government advocates, as an event sponsor again this year.

“Given the shameful silence about this act of exclusion from the parade of Republican politicians across CPAC’s stage – and the unmistakable message from the ‘official’ conservative movement that says: ‘We don’t want you,’” said Ryan Sabot, DCLP chair, “D.C. Libertarians understand that LGBT voters – and their straight friends and family – who want government out of both their personal lives and their pocketbooks are looking for new choices on D.C. ballots.”

“D.C.’s Libertarian Party is proud to welcome members of the District’s gay community into our campaigns for a free D.C,” added Bruce Majors, the Libertarian candidate for D.C. Delegate to Congress who won full party status for the DCLP last November.

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He’s not awful looking but he may have no luck. So many of we non-Democratic gays made New Year’s Resolutions to cut out in between meal snacks.

BuzzFeed staffer to GOProud: “SUCK MY D***”

Disclaimer: I’m not a very big fan of BuzzFeed. Mostly because they’re in the business of running interference for the Obama administration, such as when they “scooped” Breitbart.com on the video of a young Barack Obama praising black supremacist “critical race theory” inventor Derrick Bell. BuzzFeed’s “scoop,” oddly enough, was that the video wasn’t news. Back in the old days, reporters told you what the news was. BuzzFeed tells you what the news isn’t. At least when that news might reflect badly on the Democrat in the White House.
Oh, and I also don’t like them because their hacks lie about me and refuse to correct the record.
So I’ve had a good week, enjoying the schadenfreude as BuzzFeeders embarrass themselves again and again. First, BuzzFeed reporter McKay Coppins wrote a trend piece about leftist media figures becoming gun enthusiasts, and the subjects of the piece straight-up accused Coppins of lying. Blue-on-blue violence!
Then, another one of their fine reporters, Michael Hastings, admitted being completely in the tank for President Barack Obama. In a new e-book about covering the 2012 campaign, Hastings writes the following about the time he and his fellow impartial journalists were graced with presence of The One in a social setting:
“The behavior of the assembled press corps was telling. Everyone, myself included, swooned. Swooned! Head over heels. One or two might have even lost their minds… We were all, on some level, deeply obsessed with Obama, crushing hard, still a little love there. This was nerd heaven, a politico’s paradise, the subject himself moving among us — shaking our hands, slapping our shoulders!
“Did this inform our reporting, did seeing the man in the flesh, in a somewhat staged and casual setting, provide new, deep, and lasting insights? Yes, I would say, but again, I’m not at liberty to share.”
Okay, okay, so what if BuzzFeed is dishonest and biased? What separates them from the rest of their colleagues in the leftist media?
Well, this might be a new one:
I have to admit, that’s an argument for gay marriage I haven’t encountered before.
In case you can’t read that, what we have is a BuzzFeed staffer named Josh Fjelstad commenting on a BuzzFeed story about GOProud declaring support for gay marriage:
Then, presumably after breathing into a paper bag for a few minutes, Fjelstad clarified this highly nuanced stance:
“It appears my last tweet’s point was somehow unclear: I’m saying that it’s offensive how long it took GOProud to support GAY marriage.”
I can see why Fjelstad is so angry. Isn’t it infuriating when people don’t agree with you automatically and without question? Why should you need to persuade them? Who the hell do they think they are anyway, failing to comply immediately?
As I’ve been saying for months, the only person angrier than a liberal who just lost is a liberal who just won. Most of us would welcome our ideological opponents publicly agreeing with us on a hot-button issue, instead of screeching at them for daring to ever, ever show any doubt. Guess that’s because we’re crazy wingnuts.
Fjelstad has since deleted those tweets, probably by accident. Thanks to GOProud co-founder Chris Barron for preserving them. It’s important to chronicle the highly persuasive arguments of the smart kids.
(Hat tip: Viral Read)
Update: Back in July, the aforementioned Michael Hastings lobbed an anti-gay slur at Richard Grenell, and “BuzzFeed Ben” just laughed. It’s okay to hate gays, or women, or black people, or anybody else you want, as long as they’re conservatives.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/18/buzzfeed-staffer-to-goproud-suck-my-d/#ixzz2IZJsXCjH

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(Washington, D.C.) – On Saturday January 12th, the GOProud Board of Directors met in Washington, D.C. and adopted the following resolution regarding the issue of marriage and relationship recognition:


Since our founding, GOProud has worked exclusively on federal issues. Because marriage has been a state issue since the founding of our country, we have had no official position on marriage or relationship recognition. We have supported, and continue to support, the repeal of DOMA, and we oppose any effort to federalize marriage through a constitutional amendment.

Now that GOProud’s Board of Directors has voted to begin work on the state and local level, we believe it is important to lay out our principles when it comes to marriage and relationship recognition.
GOProud believes that stable, loving, committed relationships are the cornerstone of our society and should be protected and encouraged for all couples – including gay and lesbian couples. We believe that the decision about how to best do this is one that should be made at the state level and that these decisions are best made by the people directly or through their elected representatives – not by unelected judges.

Where civil marriage is possible, we support civil marriage. Where civil unions are possible, we support civil unions. Where domestic partner benefits are possible, we support domestic partner benefits. As federalists, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach on almost any issue and that includes relationship recognition for gay couples.

We are firmly committed to winning hearts and minds, which is why we understand that not everyone who doesn’t support marriage for gay couples is automatically a bigot or homophobe. We understand that there are people of deep faith who may have religious objections to marriage. We respect those differences and believe that no church or religious institution should ever be forced to solemnize a marriage that is against its teachings.

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