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Because Obama!

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August 12, 2013 / Posted by: 
While looking like something straight out of Jerry Sandusky’s Boys Choir, Justin Bieber celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving (more like NoThanksgiving) last year by performing for his grandmother with only a guitar covering his Baby Wee Wee parts. All together now: WHY????!!!!!!!!!?????
TMZ says that on Canadian Thanksgiving last October, 19-year-old Justin Bieber woke up late in his grandma’s house and decided that it would be really hilarious to prank her by serenading her Jenny from Forrest Gump-style. And one of his family members decided it would be really hilarious if all of our eyeballs bungee jumped out of our sockets, so they leaked these gross pictures to TMZ. Bitch is looking like a plucked chickenhawk.
There’s another picture after the cut, but it is NSFTLOAOL (not safe for this life or any other life). But if you really want to see a Canadian memaw make a “If this little brat didn’t shit out money, I’d disown him” face, keep your eyes to the right of the picture. Don’t look down! 
That Jesus Tattoo has the right idea. It’s looking away and focusing on that uncircumcised dick tree in the corner instead.

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Switching back and forth between genders trims the legs for that long lean look

‘I’m not, and wasn’t ever, ashamed’: Amber Heard on coming out as bisexual as she flashes her leg in provocative new photo shoot 

She came out as bisexual in 2010.
And Amber Heard says she will never regret revealing her sexuality.
‘I didn’t want to look like I was hiding anything,’ the 27-year-old said in the latest issue of Elle. ‘I’m not, and wasn’t ever, ashamed.’
No regrets: Amber heard said in a new interview with Elle that she isn't ashamed for coming out as bisexual as she flashes her leg in a provocative photo shoot

No regrets: Amber heard said in a new interview with Elle that she isn’t ashamed for coming out as bisexual as she flashes her leg in a provocative photo shoot 
The Paranoia star also revealed she plans to always buck convention in favour of the road less travelled. 
‘I don’t imagine myself, my work, or my life, fitting into any kind of standardised path,’ she said, hinting at her relationship with Johnny Depp, 50. ‘In fact, the idea of there even being a standard freaks me out a lot.’
And in keeping with her fiery attitude, the Texas native also said she tries to play characters who are ‘somehow empowered or strong,’ 
Fierce and fabulous: The 27-year-old said she tries to play 'strong and empowered' women as she stared intensely at the camera in one picture

Fierce and fabulous: The 27-year-old said she tries to play ‘strong and empowered’ women as she stared intensely at the camera in one picture
Ray of sunshine: The Texas native wore a bright yellow coat and leather trousers as she posed on a rooftop in Manhattan

Ray of sunshine: The Texas native wore a bright yellow coat and leather trousers as she posed on a rooftop in Manhattan 
Unconventional: Amber revealed in the magazine, that features a cover shot of Kate Upton, that she can never imagine herself following a 'standardised path'

Unconventional: Amber revealed in the magazine, which features Kate Upton on its cover, that she can never imagine herself following a ‘standardised path’ 
‘People want to put me in a wedding dress and make me the object of affection, but I’d much rather shoot the gun and save the world. 
‘I’ve always fought against what was expected of me as much as I could,’ she said.
Amber brought her signature sex appeal to the accompanying photo shoot, taken on what appears to be a New York City rooftop.
In one picture, she flashes her toned leg as she poses in white high-heeled cowboy boots while wearing a black cloak.
In another snap, she wears a houndstooth jacket and nothing else as she stares provocatively into the camera.
Amber will soon be seen in upcoming film Paranoia, about an entry-level employee who must spy on his boss’s old mentor with dangerous consequences. 
The actress recently spoke about the film, in which she stars alongside Liam Hemsworth, explaining: ‘I loved how you’re dealing with a lot of old themes like greed and power, but it’s such a modern story.
‘My character basically had to be smart enough to manipulate Liam Hemsworth’s character. 
‘Yes, there are sex scenes, but it wasn’t like she was falling at his feet,’ she told Flare magazine.
New romance: Amber is dating her Rum Diary costar Johnny Depp, 50, pictured together in July in London

New romance: Amber is dating her Rum Diary costar Johnny Depp, 50, pictured together in July in London 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2393561/Amber-Heard-coming-bisexual-flashes-leg-provocative-new-photo-shoot.html#ixzz2c2huH8z2
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Is Sperm the New Superfood?

That might sound unusual, but scientists recently discovered that it’s actually a pretty handy dietary supplement — it has as many nutrients as a protein shake.



Is Sperm the New Superfood?

Carolyn Buchanan | Posted: June 6, 2013

southern bottletail squid

What provides plenty of protein and minerals and is easy to come by wherever there are men? Why, semen, of course!
In fact, it’s a pretty handy dietary supplement for perpetuating the species: Imagine being pregnant in a time or place when resources are scarce — how could you provide nourishment in utero? A daily dose of seminal fluid saves the day!
It sounds strange, but that’s what scientists recently discovered a particular species of female squid is doing. The southern bottletail squid, found around the Spencer Gulf in South Australia, bulks up on male squid ejaculate. According to new research from Monash University in Australia, female squids swallow male semen as a means of delivering nutrients to aid in the growth of their unfertilized eggs.
But as it turns out, the practice undermines the male squid. He has limited semen and his biological mission is to reproduce, so any ejaculate that the female consumes is a lost mating opportunity. “If a male produces an ejaculate that isn’t able to successfully compete in the egg fertilization race, he is essentially an evolutionary dead end,” researcher Benjamin Wegener explained.
Hmmm… it seems consumption of semen is not only nutritious, it could be considered amethod of birth control in a sense. And, it’s free.
Speaking of nutritious: Did you know that the average human ejaculation (3.4 mL) contains approximately the same amount of protein as the white of an egg? It also has trace amounts of nutrients including zinc, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B12. According to the Huffington Post, it actually has as many nutrients as a protein shake! (Of course, there are minor variations among individual donors.)
In fact, the researchers above wonder if semen sampling may be a method of selecting one’s mate, and have more questions to explore. “Are females using males as a food source or as a means to assess the quality of her partners? Are males even capable of using this feeding behavior to manipulate female reproduction? Hopefully future discoveries will uncover the answers,” Wegener said.
In the meantime, we’re not suggesting that humans consume semen — it’s simply interesting to note that the substance is practically a superfood!

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While Mayor Bloomberg worries about soda pop…

Beware the deadly kiss

Dave Purdy, Washington Blade, gay news

Dave Purdy (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)
Last year, a good friend who lives in New York City asked me if I recalled he had wanted to introduce me to a certain bartender. Of course I remember, I replied. Then the shocker, reminiscent of AIDS in the early ‘80s: My friend told me he suddenly died, but from meningitis.   Kyle was only 32 years old. Then another shocker: My friend said bacterial meningitis is transmitted through kissing.
Meningitis, the Centers for Disease Control reports, “can spread through the exchange of respiratory and throat secretions.” That’s kissing. People make the mistake that the most common symptoms of meningitis (neck pain, high fever, and a rash) is the flu.
Let me share with you what The New York Times says about the NYC meningitis outbreak: “It is a variant of a disease that can go from a fever and headache to a galloping rash and then to death within hours — so quickly that some victims have been found dead in bed before they could even get to a doctor. In addition, many men who are at risk may not identify themselves as either gay or bisexual, even though they are having sex with other men, health officials said. So it is hard to reach out to them through gay organizations, and it is hard to get them to come forward to be vaccinated.”
Since 2010, 22 men in New York City have become infected with the disease, and 7 died.    More than half, 12 of the 22, were living with HIV. There’s a distinct possibility meningitis could develop into a major outbreak, NYC health officials warn, killing many more. So far this year, four men already are infected with meningitis. New York City’s health department is recommending vaccinations for men, regardless of HIV status, who regularly have intimate contact with other men. In December, San Francisco Health officials went as far as to recommend that gay men traveling to NYC get vaccinated.
Dr. Jay Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control at New York City’s health department, told The New York Times, “It’s been sort of marching through the community in a way that makes us very scared.”
I contacted the D.C. Department of Health and received the following statement from Dr. Saul Levin, Interim Director: “The District of Columbia Department of Health closely monitors meningitis cases in the District. While we have not seen an increase from meningitis, as a public health official and physician, I strongly recommend people living with HIV or those that travel to the New York area frequently consult with their physician regarding a meningitis vaccination. If you develop a headache, fever or a stiff neck please seeks medical attention immediately.”
Back in the early ‘80s before the Internet, health officials would rely on fliers, many posted in bars and clubs and men’s bathrooms, to inform the gay community about AIDS. But today it’s the Internet that people depend on to meet others.
Every gay or straight social dating website and app should assume some responsibility for the health of their customers. The social media outlets could reach thousands at little or no cost and great efficiency. They could start by posting instant pop-up “Health Alerts” and provide easy access links where they can find further health information. This would help save lives.
Dave Purdy is founder and CEO of the World AIDS Institute (worldaidsinstitute.org) he can be reached at dpurdy@worldaidsinstitute.org

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Two Gay Guys are visiting the Zoo. 

They come across a gorilla and notice that the male gorilla has a massive erection. The men are fascinated by this. 

One of the men just can’t bear it any longer, and he reaches into the cage to touch it. The gorilla grabs him, drags him into the cage and mates with him for two hours non-stop, while the zoo attendants helplessly stand by. 

When he’s done, the gorilla throws the man out of the cage.

An ambulance is called and the man is taken away to the hospital. 

A few days later, his friend visits him in the hospital and asks, ‘Are you hurt?’ 

‘AM I HURT?’ he shouts; 

‘Wouldn’t you be?………….he hasn’t called….. He hasn’t written….’

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