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Apparently Flipper was a remake of a Johnny Quest, with Dr. Quest’s lover Race Bannon played by a dolphin.

Male dolphins are bisexual, say boffins

Social … dolphins have ‘intense’ relationships
Published: TheSun.co.uk
MALE dolphins’ complex social lives include spending time in bisexual and gay relationships, scientists have found.

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Researchers studying 120 bottlenose dolphins found the males made a series of alliances with the same sex.

They also formed gangs between four and 14-strong in Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Richard Connor, of the University of Massachusetts, US, said: “I work on the male dolphins and their social lives are very intense. It seems there is constant drama.”

Females, in contrast, do not form any strong friendships.

There was only one observation of females forming a temporary coalition against young males, the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B reports.

Most animals form alliances to defend their territory. But the study did not find any evidence of this.

Instead the male dolphins appeared to live in a society without boundaries.

The mammals paired and teamed up for a time, before splitting apart and switching between male and female partners.


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