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Groups critical of the Obama regime get IRS harassment and delays, but those supportive crow they get instance approval.  Here’s Sean Bugg on LinkedIn!

Sean BuggSean Bugg 
nextgeneration.jpgThe Next Generation Leadership Foundation (NGLF) is dedicated to inspiring, nurturing and mentoring LGBT youth and young adults, creating spaces for them to lead in a variety of fields, from business to politics to activism to arts.
NGLF achieves these goals through directly honoring achievements of LGBT people under 30, building a network of Next Generation Award winners to mentor and teach others, and organizing leadership-training events for interested and qualified applicants.

Mr. Bugg is a publisher of the leftist Democratic magazine and website Metroweekly, in which one will have great difficulty finding any significant criticism of any Democrat, or anything other than attacks on anyone from any other political party.  Indeed, if memory serves, if you go through the archives of Mr. Bugg’s own columns you will find him rationalizing, excusing and defending President Obama when he fails to deliver on gay issues.
I attended the awards ceremony for the Foundation last year.  It was a room full of people who work for the government and Democratic Party groups and allied non-profits.  I would suspect about 3 people there were something other than Democrats.  The award winners were diverse by race and sex but all basically worked for the kind of government funded non-profits Democratic campaign workers are parked in to collect a salary in between campaigns.

For instance Ms. Victoria Kirby, a 2011 winner interviewed by Bugg’s own Metroweekly.  Where does she work?  Obama’s Organizing for Action:

Victoria Kirby is also doing her part to support the foundation. This 2011 Next Generation Award winner, now based in Tampa, Fla., as state coordinator of Organizing for Action, has joined on as one of Bugg’s board members.

“I’m really excited about this,” says Kirby. “I think it’s a great idea. When you look at the programs available for people in our community, it’s needed.”

While Kirby grants there are a number of organizations running programs aimed at guiding young LGBT people, she believes the Next Generation Leadership Foundation is unique with its emphasis on mentoring across a range of fields. Similarly, Bugg emphasizes that he wanted to ensure the NGLF mission would not duplicate any work already being done.

“Having programs where people can see role models is very important,” Kirby says of the foundation’s efforts. “It’s important we raise leaders who feel comfortable in their own skin.”

“I’m very proud of Sean for making this jump,” adds Kirby, 26, building up to the pitch that shows she has board-member acumen beyond her years. “I’m excited about the idea, making the camp a reality. I’d encourage readers to give, open their pocketbooks and hearts to young people being trained and empowered to truly become the leaders of the next generation of our community.”

For more about the Next Generation Leadership Foundation, visit nglf.org.

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Grinder is the popular mobile app that allows gay men to find other frisky gay men identified by proximity in feet and miles.  Not so much Gaydar as a gay Geiger counter – you are getting warmer as he gets hotter.  It’s already given birth to a heterosexual copy, Blendr, as well as to a political activism app for users of Grindr.

Now there is a new website that seeks to expose politically incorrect boys on Grindr,  Douchebags of Grindr

The website attempts to expose the horrors of endless white twinks and cubs,
and sometimes Asian, and  sometimes black, gay guys on the (man)hunt, who
specify that they are only looking for whites, or Asians and whites, or no fats, or
no femmes, or only straight-acting, for their paramours.  Apparently they all
have a love that dare not speak its name.

don't be a douche grindr douche

What’s funny about this bashing of alleged racists is of course that the
people who do it, imagining secret code words and dog whistles, almost
always live in lily white zip codes – Chris Matthews in Chevy Chase,
Maryland, Rachel Maddow in gentrified Manhattan, Andrea Mitchell on
exclusive Chain Bridge Road in DC. Even the gay dog eared pro-regressives,
like writer Sean Bugg of MetroWeekly.com do it. Around the time he stopped
writing erotic short stories and got hot and heavy into calling anyone a bigot
who opposes expanded state power, he left DC for much whiter Kincaide
Avenue in Falls Church, Virginia 22042.

No Description Provided.

Races in zip code 22042:

White population: 12,244
Black population: 2,706
American Indian population: 226

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/zips/22042.html#ixzz2DMXpT0zH

(To be fair Mr. Bugg’s new somehwat “Leave it to Beaver” neighborhood does have a large Hispanic and a large Asian population.  The main group he seems to have fled, like any NBC talking head, is black people.)

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In an interview this week in one of DC’s gay weeklies, MetroWeekly (who mistakenly label Ron Paul a Democrat), comic Lizz Winstead, who helped create both the Daily Show and AirAmerica radio, gives her argument for Gary Johnson for President:

Lizzbian Power

Comic, pundit and progressive, Lizz Winstead talks about her politics, her Catholic roots and Michele Bachmann’s Minnesotan congeniality

Interview by Will O’Bryan
Published on May 31, 2012 @MetroWeekly

Maybe you’ve heard the story about Lizz Winstead, as a budding comic, getting yanked off her feet by a bit of theater machinery as she prepared to introduce the acts at a bitchin’ air-guitar contest in her native Minneapolis.

The mechanical roller that lifted young Winstead, dressed to a sort of 1984 punk-glam hilt, off the stage did quite a bit more to her dress. With stars perfectly aligned, the venue’s air conditioner was also busted, forcing her to take special measures to get some air flow under the vintage wedding dress. You know where this is going.

”I was in panic mode. I knew I only had a split second to do something to turn this around. So I went with my instinct. I kept talking. But with my big ’80s vagina the club’s immediate focal point, I had to get people to listen to what I was saying, so it had better be fucking funny – funny like I had never been funny before and maybe never would be again. This was about survival.”
Just how did Lizz Winstead wiggle her way out of that wacky predicament? To find out, you’ll either have to buy the book, Lizz Free or Die, or look for one of the reviews that cites the passage. It’s getting lots of attention.
While Winstead is refreshingly unafraid to give her vagina its due, that’s not the heart of this book, a collection of nonfiction essays. Rather, it’s the observations of an unconventional all-American girl, adolescent and woman.
Many are already familiar with Winstead, co-founder of The Daily Show, Planned Parenthood super booster and comic. She also helped found Air America Radio and pops up on MSNBC. At 50, she’s had a place – not a raging spotlight, mind you, at least not since 1984 – in American culture for decades. Should she ever become a U.S. ambassador, Winstead is the type of person who would remind the world that Americans can be rebellious, idealistic, crass, funny and so endearingly friendly.
She’s also, to put it lightly, political. Winstead’s progressive politics have recently been put to use in her native Minnesota and adopted New York, raising money for Minnesotans United for All Families, the group leading the fight against a measure to add a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

It’s not all house parties, though. Lizz Winstead has a book to promote. To that end, she lands in D.C. mid-June for a night at the National Press Club, followed by two more at The Forum at Sydney Harman Hall.

”It’s a three-fer,” Winstead promises from Los Angeles, a stop on the tour. ”It’s going to be incredibly fun, because it’s some standup and some book reading and some signing. I’m doing it in the Forum, only like 160 seats. Normally I do bigger venues, so I’m really excited about the intimacy and all of that. I’m so excited.”

It shows. And after you’ve been hung up naked in front of an audience, why hide it?

METRO WEEKLY: Starting June 14, you’ve got five events planned for D.C. Compared to the rest of the tour, that’s huge.

LIZZ WINSTEAD: I love D.C. I love it. I have so many friends that live there.
It’s unending. It starts with a bunch of pals throwing a party for me Wednesday night, and I don’t leave till Sunday night. I’m at Harman Hall doing four shows, which will be really fun. National Press Club? I’m not sure what happens there, but it’s exciting….

MW: Like you, I was raised Catholic. I left the church, and I’m always surprised that more people in conflict with the Vatican don’t. There are lots of alternative denominations.

WINSTEAD: That is the part I’ve always been sort of amazed with. The big warning sign for me is that organization seems to instill this gut-wrenching fear in people that they will do everything but leave. It’s like [presidential candidate Rep.] Ron Paul (D-Texas) people. ”I really like his ‘Pull the troops out.”’ Yeah, but there are people who haven’t had racist newsletters who also have those stances. Holding up one piece of lovely platform that’s sort of lost in a sea of a lot of other oppressive stuff, why don’t you find a place that will nurture the larger narrative that you believe in?

We think Winstead is being too hard on Ron Paul, since the newsletter story has been exposed as a partial fabrication by the House of Glass fiction writers at The New Republic. But we know she is not talking about Obama, since he seems unable to withdraw from Afghanistan, while getting the US involved in Libya and sending predator drones into Pakistan and other countries, and creating a wet works list of 3,000 Americans he can kill at his own discretion. So we assume she is endorsing Gary Johnson.

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GOProud Comes to Joe the Plumber's Defense – Poliglot

GOProud Comes to Joe the Plumber’s Defense
Posted by Chris Geidner |
March 8, 2012 2:21 PM | @MetroWeekly.com

GOProud has a new friend: Republican House candidate Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher.

Following his interview this morning on CNN, in which he was questioned about previous statements made about LGBT people, Wurzelbacher and Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, released the following joint statement:

“The left and their friends in the main stream media don’t want to talk about the issue most Americans in this country today care about — jobs. Instead, they want a culture war. They want a culture war because they cannot defend this President’s record of failure when it comes to creating jobs and growing our economy. They hope to cynically distract Americans to protect President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress in November. The bottom line is that whether you are gay or straight, black or white, male or female, conservative or liberal, what matters most in these tough economic times is leadership in Washington that will work to create jobs for all Americans.”

In addition, Wurzelbacher said in the statement, “This is just more games from the liberal media, who want to try to attack me and distract from the issues that matter to most Americans.  I showed this morning that I will not back down to the pressure from national liberal spokesmen, and I will not be distracted from my focus of creating jobs in Northern Ohio.

“I am not a career politician and I certainly do not speak like one, but I want everyone to know that I believe in treating every American, gay or straight, with decency and respect,” he concluded in the statement.

Wurzelbacher will face Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) in the fall election for Ohio’s 9th congressional district.

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I have to apologize for this title — it really shouldn’t be “white liberal (gay) guilt” but “white liberal (gay) pretentiousness, parochialism, stupidity, and ignorance.”  But that was too long, and I already had black cock in the title.

Let me begin with an anecdote:

When I worked at a university hospital, a lesbian hospital manager, Cate, was taking my work group on a little tour. The group consisted of me, the technical writer and de facto English as a second language teacher of the group, and a number of Taiwanese and Japanese-American radiologists and software engineers.  Cate jokingly asked the group “What’s white and 10 inches?” to which of course the punch line is “Nothing.”  It’s a phallus joke (amazing in a way that this was being told at an East Coast university since this was in the 90s and was probably already legally actionable workplace harassment by this (white) lesbian against a group of socially conservative, mainly immigrant, Asian men).  I never asked Cate, with whom I was on good terms, about her joke.  I am thinking however that Cate may have been a “pure” lesbian, who had had little or no experience of penises.  She had heard that white penises were smaller than black ones, and had somehow confused this with white penises being smaller than “penises of color” generally.  So to a group who probably didn’t have a dick over 5 or 6 inches among them, she had made this joke.

Like my friend Cate, I have to assume that MetroWeekly columnist Sean Bugg writes the things he does because of the limits of his experience and imagination. In a recent column, Bugg, a cute guy who claims to have once been libertarian-leaning but now writes only the most off-the-shelf “liberal” commentary, decries the near racism of people placing personal (i.e. sex) ads who specify the race of their desired paramour.  That’s not exactly precise.  Bugg decries white men who post ads saying they only want to have sex with whites, and sheds his liberal tears for the poor blacks and Asians and Latinos who must read these ads and feel shut out of the sexual opportunity our modern society offers.  He doesn’t actually demand that whites on sex sites give sexual submission to men of color, as some black men demanded in the 60s when they told anti-war women they could serve the movement “on their backs” (leading to the founding of the old radical feminist newspaper Off Our Backs [http://www.offourbacks.org/]).  Though it is the logical conclusion of “liberalism’s” statism and Procustean egalitarianism.

What’s even funnier is the hidden racism in Bugg’s worldview.  He thinks this is a hierarchy.  Desirable whites aren’t sharing themselves with the men of color.  Bugg reports he has an Asian husband and may feel he has a superior perspective to parochial white people like the Southerners he so often complains he grew up among and has now transcended.  (Note that Bugg in his story below feels personally implicated by another white gay guy’s rude behavior, as representing the collective of white Volk.)  But I wonder if this isn’t in a way like Edina in Absolutely Fabulous suddenly excited about becoming a grandmother when she learns it will be to a mixed race grandchild, “this year’s most must-have fashion accessory.”

Perhaps Bugg can be forgiven for not knowing what type of ads people are posting on line, since he is married.  There are some ads from white men ONLY looking for men of color, or for men of specific colors.  There are lots of ads from men who specify only certain type of white men (blonds, redheads, Jews, Italians, etc.).  There are a few ads from black men who only want to date other black men and a few from black men who are only looking for white men.  If anything whites seem to be the O- blood type of the dating world, the universal donors (with Latinos being a close second):  most gay blacks, most gay Latinos, and most gay Asians will date white men.  But unlike the heterosexual world, where black men marrying Asian women is not unknown, black gays rarely seem to want to date Asian gays, and vice versa (from what my eyes and my personal conversations with black gay friends tell me).

Which brings me to another personal anecdote:

I have a friend named Henry, who I mainly only see at gay Democratic events, or now, since I abjure Democratic events, the gay and lesbian film festival.  Henry is African American and is high in his field in one of those nominally private multinational corporations that sponsor Sunday morning political talk shows.  He is extensively educated at private universities and graduate schools just below the Ivy League, and owns homes near D.C. and on the Delaware beaches. There is no reason he cannot date most people he’d want to take out.  Some years ago Henry told me he was going to attempt to stop dating white men, because he was so very tired of apparently always having to hear at some point in a relationship, “give me that big black dick.”  (For a whole blog post by someone traumatized by encounters where someone wanted his BBD, see http://dlconfessionssequel.wordpress.com/.)

How often gay black men assume they are being sought just for the fabled black penis, when they aren’t I don’t know, just as I don’t know how many men who think they are being rejected for their race rather than themselves as an individual I don’t know either.  But what we can see is that the same types of people who like to use smears and shouts of racism as a cudgel in politics are also willing to damn others, in this case white gay men, both for dating mainly other whites or for trying to date blacks.  When your political or psychic position depends on guilt tripping others, something is wrong with you.

I think Mr. Bugg’s article is based on his own assumptions about the world.  He is on the precipice of calling it racism when people place sex ads and then provide a wish list of dos and don’ts.  I find it rather easy to imagine that what is going on specifically when white men place ads saying they only want to go over to the home of a stranger to have quasi-anonymous sex with another white man (or perhaps a white and/or Latino and/or Asian man), is that they are saying they are more comfortable, in this potentially awkward situation, with dealing with what they imagine to be a more known quantity.  I think that explains why we see men sometimes dating a broader range of ethnicities (and ages, classes etc) as they age (as Bugg sort of notes) — they are just more comfortable and familiar with a wider range of situations. (And very likely there is the same motivation when men of other races place an ad only for their “own kind.”)  (Parenthetical joke:  a white family tells their son it’s just easier if one marries one’s own kind, and after college he brings home a (black) male friend and tells his parents that is just what he has done.)

If anything modern “liberals” have themselves to blame for this.  Under our current “Cry racism!” culture if you are white and go to meet a person of color for a date, but then don’t want to stay the night (as it were), you run the cost of being accused of racism.  I am reminded of the time in my youth I went to the old Dupont Circle dance bar Badlands, and ended up dancing with a tall gorgeous blue eyed brunette, who came home with me.  I thought I had won the lottery.  Turned out gorgeous was both a borderline rapist and a whiny baby, because I did not want to engage in the specific sex acts he seemed fixated on.  In the bar and on the dance floor the din had prevented me from hearing him well.  Back at my place it turned out he had an accent, and as it happens, was from Mexico.  A very pale, blue eyed Mexican, less dark than my own black Irish/Scottish/Cherokee mix.  He was such a jackhole I insisted on his not staying the night (and ended up providing him a ride to his home 2 counties away).  This pale skinned, blue eyed, upper class boy whined at me that NO ONE ever let him stay over, and what was it, “discrimination because I am Mexican!”  I suggest that the sex ad posters Bugg is writing about are trying to avoid the same situation, where they do not want their decision that a cup of tea or a beer is as far as a date will go embroil them in defending themselves (even in their own mind) against the charge of being racist.

It might be good for people on the leftover side of the spectrum, when they aren’t busy rounding up poor black and brown kids to sell to the educrat cartels for campaign donations for Democrats, to think about how their easy resort to racial guilt tripping affects African Americans’ (and other minorities, including gays’) chances in getting a job interview or a job, when it is viewed as a mine field should one not hire a “protected class” or have to let them go when downsizing.

Foolish Thing Desire

For gay men, the intersection of sex and race brings out the worst in a small number of people, who then make headaches for everyone else

By Sean Bugg
Published on January 19, 2012 @MetroWeekly

A few years ago, before I began dating my husband, my then-boyfriend took me to a summer cookout with a local gay Asian group. It was a fun Sunday afternoon of volleyball, hotdogs andchả giò, meeting new people, and all the enjoyment you’re supposed to get out of a Sunday afternoon party.

While scarfing down some pasta salad and Korean barbecue, I overheard one of the few single white men in attendance, who’d been pretty openly cruising around the party, lecherously questioning a guy across the picnic table from me: ”So, what country are you from?”

Dude, you’re not doing white people any favors with that crap, I thought.

The intersection of sex and race is just another of those things that brings out the worst in a small number of people, who then go on to make headaches for everyone else. I’ve been pondering this again lately, in part because of sudden surge of interest in a 2010 Metro Weekly opinion columnby Daniel W.K. Lee on sexual racism in the gay community, as well as Alexander Chee’s essay last week for Out”No Asians!” both of which delve into the increasing sexual segregation of the gay community.

It’s of more than passing interest to me, given that my husband is Asian. (If you’re wondering ”What is he?,” he’s Vietnamese). So I tossed the subject out on Facebook and a couple of email groups to see what my multicultural circle of friends and acquaintances think about the issue.

The short and polite version: We seem to lack consensus.

On the one hand, people of color have a pretty strong case that dismissing entire classes of people solely for racial and ethnic backgrounds is, at its core, racist. (I would add that desiring people exclusively because of their race is just as problematic.) On the other, there’s an equally strong case that you can’t force people to experience sexual attraction, and it’s immoral to label as ”racism” a response over which people lack any conscious control.

Still, I’m more sympathetic to the former (although I pull back from declarations of racism, because I understand the latter). During my days of very enthusiastic dating and hookups — back in the earliest days of using the Internet to find sex partners — I never had the experience of scrolling through person after person declaring ”No whites!” But black and Asian guys? I can see exactly how they could walk away from that with a different take on the racial harmony of the gay community.

The embarrassing thing is, back then I was skipping past most of those guys who were black and Asian. My own history of sexual desire is a history of change – I grew up where it was actually pretty rare to see anything but white people, which I believe shaped much of my young gay life. It wasn’t until later that I understood that desire is fluid; what turns you on at 25 may not do it when you’re 40.

I’ve learned a lot from being in an interracial marriage, the main thing being that it doesn’t make me a special snowflake. I’m just a guy who’s lucky enough to have found a good relationship. And I’m thankful that my own youthful tunnel vision expanded to the point where I was open to it when I found it. We all turn away too much happiness because of our own unexamined expectations.

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The first step “progressives” or pro-regressives should take is to stop rounding up poor black and brown kids to sell to the educrat cartels to fund Democratic candidates with educrat donations.  Especially since the educrats also administer the prisons where gay kids are bullied, parents having no school choice to send a bruised, depressed kid elsewhere, suicide the only escape for the next 12 years.

And getting your President to stop murdering little brown kids in other countries with predator drones would be good too.  I can’t see your pink triangles when you have all that blood on your hands.

Raucous Caucus

Iowa starts off 2012 with a surprising surge of Santorum, making January an interesting start to the year

by Sean Bugg
Published on January 5, 2012, MetroWeekly.com | Comments
If nothing else, the Iowa caucuses kicked off the year with an inadvertently entertaining bang. After months of a rotating circus of second-tier candidates taking their spotlight turns as ”not Mitt Romney,” we ended up with Santorum coming from behind.
And, yes, hardly any writers in the free world at this point can restrain themselves from puns based on Rick Santorum’s frothy ”Google problem.” As someone noted on Twitter — where Santorum one-liners ran fast and free throughout Tuesday night’s caucuses — you simply can’t write anything about Santorum anymore without it sounding dirty.
So all this augurs, if not a fascinating year, at least a fascinating first month. A few thoughts on what happened out in the great American Midwest in the somewhat-democratic, not-quite-secret-ballot caucus process of choosing a Republican presidential nominee:
• As the product of a rural, blue-collar, lower-middle-class upbringing, I often have issues with over-privileged offspring whose inherited wealth give them more than a leg up in the pursuit of the American dream. So, you can imagine what I’m likely thinking when I see Mitt Romney and his chorus line of sons onstage talking about personal responsibility, reducing government to encourage people to succeed on their own, and so on.

As a friend tweeted to me with an implied eye-roll, ”Romey’s boys, who have never known want, applaud his ‘merit society’ riff.”

Overall, I’m tired of rich people telling me that the solution to our nation’s problems is, as ever, to make them more rich. Anyway, watching Romney squeak out a ”win” by just eight votes made me think that this November may not be as nail-biting as I’d feared. Check in with me in a couple of months to see just how wishful that thinking may be.

• Even though I’m on record as wanting the Republicans to nominate the best candidate possible — if Obama loses, we do need to hope for the least-bad option, even if that means Romney — it’s hard to resist the lure of Rick Santorum as a candidate who would be both angrily entertaining and pretty much a slam-dunk win for Democrats. It’s very, very hard for me to imagine a candidate who would support the re-criminalization of birth control as someone who’s going to pick up a lot of swing voters. I mean, the economy’s bad, but not that bad. Santorum is enough of a target-rich environment that I don’t think we’d have to get to his odious anti-gay positions before he flamed out.

Still, it would be interesting to see if eight months or so of Santorum puns would be sustainable. But God doesn’t love me enough to give me Rick Santorum as a candidate, so again, I’ll be preparing for Romney.

• If I were still 29 and strongly libertarian, I’d likely be enamored of the Ron Paul campaign, which would drive progressives crazy just as it’s doing now. I’ve lost much of my enthusiasm for libertarianism over the past decade — selfishness as an organizing principle just doesn’t cut it for an interdependent society, even if libertarians have some important insights and critiques of overreaching government power. But it is a powerful and attractive message for those disillusioned with the left v. right dichotomy. Progressives and liberal LGBT politicos need to figure this one out, because Paul is building up quite the nice campaign apparatus to pass on to his son, and I’m guessing Rand Paul is going to be a better salesman for the family brand than his father.

Perhaps it’s a little too soon to worry about that. We do still have 2012 to get through, and it’s going to take a while.
Get the latest on the Tuesday, Jan. 10, New Hampshire Republican primary atMetroWeekly.com. Follow live coverage from Metro Weekly‘s Chris Geidner on Twitter@metroweekly and on Facebook.

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As the gay press is currently busy denying that Barney Frank ever did anything wrong we may never know what kinds of profit he made off his congressional activity.  Soros boy toy David Brock has his TediumTatters website calling “conservative media” liars and saying Frank was proven innocent by the ethics (sic!  rofl!) committee in Congress (in fact Congress reprimanded Barney by a vote of over 400 to 20) And Metroweekly columnist Rick Rosendall says all Barn-Barn ever did was “fix several parking tickets” though it was in fact 33 tickets, tickets from johns paying for sex with Barney’s boyfriend, Steve Gobie, who helped pay Barn’s rent, and for all we know paid him additionally in both cash and services.  Rosendall, the star of a famous YouTube where he hisses death wishes, bad fairy he, at a female Washington Times reporter, is apparently a wooden writer and as well failed arithmetic.

But in Peter Schweizer’s new book Throw Them All Out, we learn that the newest gay addition to Congress, Jared Polis (D-Colorado), made all kinds of money trading stocks with insider knowledge as he shaped the 2500 page Obamacare bill no one read before passing it.  (Barney also changed some legislation, see p. 47, to enrich Nancy Pelosi, something she did plenty of herself).  (Schwiezer’s book details how Congressman of both parties, from John Kerry on down, make stock trades using insider knowledge days before voting on legislation that cause their portfolios to appreciate, with the result that most Congresscritters’ portfolios outperform both the average American’s and hedge fund managers other savvy investors.)  As Schweizer writes:

One of the more creative and cynical plays on health care reform came from Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado.  Polis is a young politician who has just taken his congressional seat in January 2009.  But he was clearly seen as a rising star, with an appointment to the powerful House Rules Committee.  He also sits on the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee and on the Education and Labor Committee’s Subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities.  Polis is wealthy.  He grew up amid privilege and his family became enormously richer after founding and later selling Bluemountain.com, the greeting card website.

Throughout 2009, Polis was a tireless advocate for Obama-care, declaring that health care reform “could not come at a better time.”  Polis sat on two House committees that were central to the crafting and passage of the health care bill.  As a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, he was involved in shepherding through one of the three pieces of legislation that would become the final bill.  As a member of the powerful Rules Committee, he helped shape the parameters and procedures to secure passage of the bill in the House.

None of this gave him pause when it came to investing in health care companies as he helped determine the fate of Obamacare.  While Polis was praising the benefits of health care overhaul, he was buying millions of dollars’ worth of a private company called BridgeHealth International.  BridgeHealth describes itself as a “leading health care strategic consultancy.”  It works with companies to help them cut health care costs.  One of the things that BridgeHealth offers is medical tourism: providing less expensive medical procedures in countries such a China, Mexico, India, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Taiwan.  In other words, Polis was betting there would me more, not less, medical tourism after the passage of health care reform.  Companies in the medical tourism industry generally agreed, and favored Obamacare.  They did not believe the bill would actually contain costs, and if anything, they expected overseas medical procedures to become more attractive.  Medical Tourism magazine featured an article after the passage of the bill entitled “Medical Tourism Expands as Alternative to Obamacare.”  As the article put it, “Interest in medical tourism expanded rapidly as Americans react to the new federal law.”

After the reform bill became law, BridgeHealth boasted that it was uniquely positioned to help companies cut medical costs.  “what we can offer to the employer and insurer is health care reform today because we’ve addressed quality and cost,” Vic Lazzaro, BridgeHealth’s CEO, said in July 2010…

In all, Polis put between $7 million and $35 million into the company as the health care bill wended its way through Cappitol Hill.  When investment timing was crucial, Polis’s purchases often coincided with the work of his committees.  As the Education and Labor Committee considered health care reform in June and July, he made two large purchases of company stock, worth between $1 million and $5 million, on June 16 and 17.  His committe passed the healthcare bill in mid-July.  By October 2009, it was Polis’s powerful Rules Committee that was determining which amendments would be considered and what the parameters of the debate would be as the House worked to pass the same legislation that was moving forward in the Senate.  On October 12 and 23, Polis made two more purchases of shares worth between $1 and $5 million.  Polis’s office, not surprisingy, insists that his investments had no influence on his vote.  (It was all a coincidence!)….

Then there is the matter of is biotech investments.  The health care reform bill that emerged from Polis’s committees was enormously beneficial for biotech companies.  Embedded in the complex bill were two clauses that were vital for the profitability of these companies.  The first was the Therapeutic Discovery Project Credit, which provided a 50% credit for investments in biotech pharmaceutical research.  Far more important was the Pathway for Biosimilar Biological Products,  The FDA gives traditional branded prescription drugs 5 years of exclusivity before a generic version of the same medication can be produced.  But in this provision, biotech drugs were given a 12 year exclusivity….

Congressman Polis favored the discovery credit and longer-exclusivity provisions.  And he made three large purchases of an exchange-traded fund when his committees pushed through the bill.  He ought between $750,000 and $1.5 million in the PowerShares Dynamic Biotech and the GenomeETF just weeks after the committee proposed to extend the exclusivity period.  He bought the fund at about $16 per share.  After Obamacare passed, the price jumped to $20, a 25% increase in 6 months.

….Curiously having made these agressive transactions throughout 2009, in January 2010 he suddenly convereted his assets to a “qualified blind trust.”  As we will see later, these blind trusts are not really blind….(i)n Polis’s case, the person handling the trust was a longtime friend and large campaign contributor named Solomon Halpern.  By creating the blind trust, Polis no longer had to disclose his stock transactions or profits.

So gay voter think about this when you or your friend buy some HIV medication, or any medication.

I myself  personally experienced an earlier round of politicians profiting from regulation when Bush was still in office.  A lesbian friend, who knew I had a child as a donor daddy (and had seen pictures of my gorgeous son), wanted me to provide her with some reproductive material, all to be handled by a silk stocking medical center in posh upper NW Washington, D.C.  (She was a wealthy lesbian friend).  There is a regulation saying that if non-intimate partners hire a medical professional to assist in fertilization, they must be tested for HIV.  BUT it isn’t the inexpensive HIV test you get just to find out if you are negative or positive at your local doctor or clinic, the one good enough for people who don’t have enough money to be shaken down.  It is a special test, the anti-nucleic acid HIV test, which that year only two or three laboratories in the whole U.S. could do, and which then cost around $500.  Regulations that award profits to government created monopolies must be common in the reproductive technology industry.  Most people are already paying tens of thousands to get pregnant; finding ways to tack on a few hundred here and there won’t be noticed.

And that is how government works in general, contrary to the junior high civics version that the conventional gay Democratic establishment bases its campaigns on.  As Nobel Laureate James Buchanan observed when he created a new field, public choice analysis, a field of economics that studies government and shows that it too works on a profit motive, imposing many different, sometimes hidden, taxes (including inflation and government created monopolies/monopoly pricing) on many consumers and taxpayers, in order to award concentrated benefits on smaller classes of people, from established firms to government employee cartels, that will donate to and campaign for (usually incumbent) politicians who support the system. Mr. Schweizer shows us that Congressmen, like Jared Polis, are themselves part of this predatory ruling class.

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