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Which is better?

Leaving aside the morality of Glee, where wee tyke viewers are exposed to a lot of  sexual info, and the fact that Glee has been caught stealing arrangements without giving credit, which is actually better in terms of story, music, or performers?

Smash dropped from 4.5 million to 3 million viewers from 2012 to 2013 and NBC is moving it from Tuesday to Saturday in April.  (Glee has also been dropping, but it still has almost 6 million viewers.) It did just win a bunch of GLAAD awards for being a gay positive show – I assume Glee must have won one before, unless FOX shows are automatically disqualified by the PC crowd.

It’s the gayest question I’ve had today.

(A new episode of Smash airs tonight at 10 pm.)

‘Glee’ vs ‘Smash’: Who did ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ and ‘Rumor Has It’ better?

It took a few episodes, but we’re five weeks into “Smash” and for two weeks in a row now the NBC musical has covered songs already done by its cousin in song and dance, “Glee.” Although “Smash” has tried to avoid comparisons between the two series, it’s not doing itself any favors by repeating songs. 

True, “Glee” does have a two-and-a-half-year head start, does approximately 80 percent more covers and can’t really stake a claim on the entire American songbook, we do hope the “Smash” producers keep their predecessors in mind when choosing songs for future episodes.

But let’s get down to business: Who’s done a better job at each song? Note: This doesn’t include “Rose’s Turn,” which Chris Colfer destroyed (in a good way) during “Glee’s” first season but we’re expecting to see on “Smash” later during Season 1.

“Rumor Has It,” Original Artist: Adele

While Karen (Katharine McPhee) and her fellow chorus members rocked out to the tune at a bar in episode 4, she doesn’t compare to the smoking hot Adele mashup sung by the Troubletones for “Glee’s” 300th musical number.Advantage: “Glee”

“It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” Original Artist: James Brown

The “Glee” rendition is already ridiculous because it involved a bunch of pregnant teenage girls shaking their baby bellies in sync with each other, but Dianna Agron’s voice, lovely as it is, cannot ever compare to almost-“American Idol” McPhee’s. Advantage: “Smash”

(Ignore the Spanish dubbing during the “Glee” dialogue — it’s the best YouTube video we could find.)

So, who do you think did it better? “Smash” or “Glee”?

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Grinder is the popular mobile app that allows gay men to find other frisky gay men identified by proximity in feet and miles.  Not so much Gaydar as a gay Geiger counter – you are getting warmer as he gets hotter.  It’s already given birth to a heterosexual copy, Blendr, as well as to a political activism app for users of Grindr.

Now there is a new website that seeks to expose politically incorrect boys on Grindr,  Douchebags of Grindr

The website attempts to expose the horrors of endless white twinks and cubs,
and sometimes Asian, and  sometimes black, gay guys on the (man)hunt, who
specify that they are only looking for whites, or Asians and whites, or no fats, or
no femmes, or only straight-acting, for their paramours.  Apparently they all
have a love that dare not speak its name.

don't be a douche grindr douche

What’s funny about this bashing of alleged racists is of course that the
people who do it, imagining secret code words and dog whistles, almost
always live in lily white zip codes – Chris Matthews in Chevy Chase,
Maryland, Rachel Maddow in gentrified Manhattan, Andrea Mitchell on
exclusive Chain Bridge Road in DC. Even the gay dog eared pro-regressives,
like writer Sean Bugg of MetroWeekly.com do it. Around the time he stopped
writing erotic short stories and got hot and heavy into calling anyone a bigot
who opposes expanded state power, he left DC for much whiter Kincaide
Avenue in Falls Church, Virginia 22042.

No Description Provided.

Races in zip code 22042:

White population: 12,244
Black population: 2,706
American Indian population: 226

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/zips/22042.html#ixzz2DMXpT0zH

(To be fair Mr. Bugg’s new somehwat “Leave it to Beaver” neighborhood does have a large Hispanic and a large Asian population.  The main group he seems to have fled, like any NBC talking head, is black people.)

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Was last night’s ebony and ivory make out session on composer Tom Levitt’s leather couch network prime time TV’s first interracial gay male kiss? I’m sure there has been some black and white lip lock on premium cable but on the broadcast networks? Tom Levitt (actor Christian Borle, here pictured with Zachary Quinto) dumps his Republican boyfriend and takes up with a black dancer he had assumed was heterosexual. After a drink and a kiss his new beau tells him to slow down. He’s a Christian and doesn’t have casual sex. When Tom ask him if he is a Republican too he doesn’t answer directly, only saying that Republicans “don’t have a monopoly on God.”

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But not the news division. The more reality based entertainment division. On the Monday night star vehicle SMASH, with Angelica Huston, Katherine McPhee, Debra Messing and Jack Davenport, one of the main characters discovers the lawyer (played by Canadian import Neal Bledsoe) he has been dating is a Republican.

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On Sunday’s new episode on the bicurious network, Bravo, gay Persian California realtor Reza Farahan, who was a classmate of Monica Lewinsky’s, dates a MUCH younger (and as he likes to say, much whiter) man, and wonders when parent network NBC’s Chris Hansen will show up.

Shahs of Sunset Season 1 – Champagne Wars – Photo Gallery – Bravo TV Official Site

Shahs of Sunset Season 1 – It's My Birthday Bitches – Photo Gallery – Bravo TV Official Site


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This “Tale of Two Ingenues” is designed to appeal to people who like more show tunes and less Gaga than Glee provides, and it raises the question of whether having a male psycho stalker has made (executive producer) Steven Spielberg gay. The pilot opens on an audition scene where a beautiful young woman (Katherine McPhee) in a sparkly silver dress is singing the gay anthem “Somewhere over the rainbow,” against a starry midnight blue background.  Then the fantasy dissolves and the same girl, singing the same song, is cut off by the central casting agent at the table, played by a wizened Kate Clinton, the geriatric lesbian stand up comic and wife of socialist scribbler Urvashi Vaid. The girl auditioning bends over to put down her bag and Ms. Clinton, like her presidential namesake, joins the camera in appreciating the girl’s round, firm, denim clad buttocks. Next scene: Debra Messing, playing a now grown up Grace character “Julia Houston,” in the kitchen of her gay business partner Tom Levitt (2007 Tony Award winner Christian Borle). Her new gay is a kind of fusion of Will and Jack, and they are a musical theater writing team. He seems to play the piano and write the music and lyrics, so she must write the plot and dialogue, or perhaps she really has just left Will & Grace‘s Grace Adler Designs to join a witness protection program and leave off doing interiors so she can instead do sets.

The duo have actually been taking a break from the biz. He has just come back from a trip and has hired a new assistant; she is trying to take time off so she and her husband can adopt a baby. But everyone keeps mentioning Marilyn Monroe and how much they like Marilyn Monroe, and how Marilyn would make a great muscial. And then they all start to discuss how there can be a baseball number. His new assistant, her teen son and husband, everyone reacts the same way to the idea. And so three numbers are written, including an ode to the love of Joe DiMaggio, ending in chorus boys dancing with baseball bats singing “baseball diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Anjelica Huston (“Eileen Rand”) appears as a kind of heterosexual Rosie O’Donnell, a big purse who backs Broadway productions. Like Rosie sometimes is, Anjelica is tied up in a divorce and so is her money. But she manages to hire choreographer Derek Wills (BBC’s Coupling‘s Jack Davenport, a little aged but still sexy) from London’s West End.  Derek doesn’t like gay men, which Anjelica Huston observes may be an occupational hazard on Broadway.  Levitt refuses to work with Wills.  For a few minutes I am expecting to learn that they have a romantic history and see the resolution achieved by the two of them in bed.  Instead, their two respective gal pals nudge them into cooperation.  And Wills (Davenport) gets to establish his heterosexuality by attempting to get one of the ingenues on the casting couch.

There are lots of subplots:  two women fighting over the same starring role; Huston’s divorce; Messing’s marriage and adoption; a probably gay assistant to Messing’s gay business partner who may be using seduction to steal from and spy on the writing partners.  It looks good.

Smash premiers February 6, but if you are very close friends with Infinity on Demand you can watch it now, in between the 39th and 40th Presidential Debates.

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