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Warning (Santorum voters!):  Adult content

As a libertarian, I always have a complicated relationship to CPAC, which I first attended in 2007 or 2008.  Mitt Romney dropped out that election cycle the day CPAC started, and the woman running Mitt Romney’s DC campaign had paid for a booth at CPAC.  She was really pissed at Mitt for dropping out, and Ron Paul was her second choice.  She offered the booth to the local Ron Paul Revolution collective, and we seized it in the name of the liberated people.

I’ve gone every year since, mainly to vote for Ron (and now Rand) Paul in straw polls and see all my libertarian FaceBook friends who I often haven’t met in person.  It’s been educational – I’ve learned that people under 40 don’t know what a mimeograph is. (As I was running that Ron Paul booth with what I had on hand, a very cute 22 year old asked me if he could have the copy of reason magazine with Ron Paul on the cover I was using as my only “banner” in my inherited booth on the wall behind me, and I told him I had been a subscriber since I was younger than he, and only a few years before that it had been a mimeographed kitchen table publication.  He looked puzzled and cocked his handsome little head.  Not to be pervy.)

So I went this year even though it was inconveniently in Prince George’s County, Maryland, at National Harbor, which apparently markets itself as being in DC.  CPAC apparently claimed they were relocating because they needed more space, but attendance as measured by straw poll voting was understandably down from the presidential race years of 2011 and 2012 (2900 people voted this year vs over 3000 those years).  The real reason for the relocation was to make it impossible for people like the Occupy protesters who showed up last year to show up this year, since the Achilleus of the center-right, Andrew Breitbart, is no longer with us to dispatch the Hadean underfae as he did in 2012, having passed away only a few weeks later.

That ploy worked.  The John and Anthony Podesta sex workers from the misnamed “ThinkProgress” found CPAC as did Betsy Rothstein, the usually talented editor of FishBowl.  But not many other so-called “liberals” or leftovers.  And Ms. Rothstein, a wealthy white girl who lives in gentrifying Adams Morgan in DC and moved there after the city became 50% white, having never been in a majority black jurisdiction like Prince George’s County, amazingly reported that CPAC was in Baltimore!

The concubines at StinkRegress, taking time off from tossing the Podesta lobbyist brothers’ salads, found one kooky attendee (and you could get into lots of panels without even registering) who asked a silly question about race relations, and wrote a story implying that he was a panelist and that this minor panel was a central part of the conference.  Whores gonna ho.  What’s funny about that is that even approved MSNBC black tokens like Melinda Perry-Harris are on record as saying that a black conservative or libertarian or even moderate has a faster career advancement than a black leftover.  (Though as the grifter clan named Jackson shows us, the black leftovers who claw their way to office over the other lobsters in the pot get bigger rewards until indicted.)  And CPAC had a large number of impressive black pols, from Allan West to Mia Love to former Democrat Artur Davis speaking, and a number of twenty something young blacks who clearly intend to join them.

The Podesta dingelberries also wrote a hit piece claiming they had interviewed 10 people who all opposed gay rights.  We knew leftovers can’t do arithmetic (see Obama, Reid, Pelosi re: budgets) so it is not surprising they don’t know statistics (10 cherry picked people – you know they only asked people over 60 – out of thousands of attendees is not statistically significant, and this is why you flunked math and had to be Podesta streetwalkers).  But of course the best attended panel at CPAC this year, aside from major famous speakers like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, was the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s “Rainbow on the Right” featuring pro-gay marriage speakers from National Review, CEI, GOProud, and the non-partisan Freedom to Marry.  And Rand Paul won the straw poll, while anti-gay Rick Santorum got 8% – if CPACers really cared about stopping gay marriage, wouldn’t more than 8% have voted for standard bearer Rick Santorum?  (Also CEI was not alone – Breitbart.com, which hosted a panel for a different group excluded by the main CPAC organizers, was going to host a gay rights panel, but CEI beat them to it.)

Last year the neo-Stalinist wannabee Reifenstahls at Talking Points Memo wrote a hit piece on gays at CPAC where they posted a kind of Twitchy version of Craigslist ads from gays looking to hook up at CPAC2012.  Looking through the ads they were all rather tame, non-freaky, non-fetish ads from 22 year old gay guys wanting to finally spend the night with someone of like mind.  Shocking!  Men in their twenties having a hormonal surge when away in a big city in a hotel with people who share many of their passions.  Unbelievable.  So this year I posted a political spoof sex ad on Craigslist (I’ve done that before for other situations), hoping to cause gnashing of leftover teeth (it’s worked before – leftovers will flag your ad if you make fun of them):

Radical libertarian would like to tie up and abuse proglodyte and leftover journalists.

Boys who look like Sally Kohn or Chris Hayes who need to be tied up, slapped around and fucked.

Also any Rick Santorum supporters in the closet or younger versions of Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

Or if you are just a decent constitutionalist type, we can have regular non-hate sex, or even a drink.

Your place

  • Location: National Harbor
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Unfortunately no leftovers bit, though several people wanted to meet me and a couple of anonymous young things sent me racy pictures (by the way Podesta quislings – there were definitely African American gays at CPAC2013, and I have the photos they sent me to prove it).

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I love Ann Coulter but I ruined her night last night. I went to her book signing at Americans for Tax Reform, the Grover Norquist group at 4, which had an open bar and shrimp and WMAL’s Chris Plante. I was carrying a bag of Majors for Congess window signs and buttons, as well as Gary Johnson buttons and flyers, as some ATR interns had asked me for a yard sign and I was going to a Gary Johnson happy hour afterwards. I saw a red head from Adams Morgan I have met before who is a big Ron Paul donor, and she saw my Gary Johnson button on my man purse and asked me for one, which she immediately fixed to her bosom. Ms. Coulter came in and grabbed my Majors for Congress button on my chest and read it and was puzzled and I explained I was running locally. Then she grabbed my friends Gary Johnson button and said “Oh, no, no, no, no, no! After that fabulous performance Wednesday you must be for Romney!” Later as I was in the huge line to get my copy of “Mugged” signed, and convey a hello from my neighbor who is an old friend of Ann’s, I heard someone ask if she had had a good day, and she said it had been great but now she had a headache because even here someone had a Gary Johnson button.

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August 20, 1935

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In an interview this week in one of DC’s gay weeklies, MetroWeekly (who mistakenly label Ron Paul a Democrat), comic Lizz Winstead, who helped create both the Daily Show and AirAmerica radio, gives her argument for Gary Johnson for President:

Lizzbian Power

Comic, pundit and progressive, Lizz Winstead talks about her politics, her Catholic roots and Michele Bachmann’s Minnesotan congeniality

Interview by Will O’Bryan
Published on May 31, 2012 @MetroWeekly

Maybe you’ve heard the story about Lizz Winstead, as a budding comic, getting yanked off her feet by a bit of theater machinery as she prepared to introduce the acts at a bitchin’ air-guitar contest in her native Minneapolis.

The mechanical roller that lifted young Winstead, dressed to a sort of 1984 punk-glam hilt, off the stage did quite a bit more to her dress. With stars perfectly aligned, the venue’s air conditioner was also busted, forcing her to take special measures to get some air flow under the vintage wedding dress. You know where this is going.

”I was in panic mode. I knew I only had a split second to do something to turn this around. So I went with my instinct. I kept talking. But with my big ’80s vagina the club’s immediate focal point, I had to get people to listen to what I was saying, so it had better be fucking funny – funny like I had never been funny before and maybe never would be again. This was about survival.”
Just how did Lizz Winstead wiggle her way out of that wacky predicament? To find out, you’ll either have to buy the book, Lizz Free or Die, or look for one of the reviews that cites the passage. It’s getting lots of attention.
While Winstead is refreshingly unafraid to give her vagina its due, that’s not the heart of this book, a collection of nonfiction essays. Rather, it’s the observations of an unconventional all-American girl, adolescent and woman.
Many are already familiar with Winstead, co-founder of The Daily Show, Planned Parenthood super booster and comic. She also helped found Air America Radio and pops up on MSNBC. At 50, she’s had a place – not a raging spotlight, mind you, at least not since 1984 – in American culture for decades. Should she ever become a U.S. ambassador, Winstead is the type of person who would remind the world that Americans can be rebellious, idealistic, crass, funny and so endearingly friendly.
She’s also, to put it lightly, political. Winstead’s progressive politics have recently been put to use in her native Minnesota and adopted New York, raising money for Minnesotans United for All Families, the group leading the fight against a measure to add a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

It’s not all house parties, though. Lizz Winstead has a book to promote. To that end, she lands in D.C. mid-June for a night at the National Press Club, followed by two more at The Forum at Sydney Harman Hall.

”It’s a three-fer,” Winstead promises from Los Angeles, a stop on the tour. ”It’s going to be incredibly fun, because it’s some standup and some book reading and some signing. I’m doing it in the Forum, only like 160 seats. Normally I do bigger venues, so I’m really excited about the intimacy and all of that. I’m so excited.”

It shows. And after you’ve been hung up naked in front of an audience, why hide it?

METRO WEEKLY: Starting June 14, you’ve got five events planned for D.C. Compared to the rest of the tour, that’s huge.

LIZZ WINSTEAD: I love D.C. I love it. I have so many friends that live there.
It’s unending. It starts with a bunch of pals throwing a party for me Wednesday night, and I don’t leave till Sunday night. I’m at Harman Hall doing four shows, which will be really fun. National Press Club? I’m not sure what happens there, but it’s exciting….

MW: Like you, I was raised Catholic. I left the church, and I’m always surprised that more people in conflict with the Vatican don’t. There are lots of alternative denominations.

WINSTEAD: That is the part I’ve always been sort of amazed with. The big warning sign for me is that organization seems to instill this gut-wrenching fear in people that they will do everything but leave. It’s like [presidential candidate Rep.] Ron Paul (D-Texas) people. ”I really like his ‘Pull the troops out.”’ Yeah, but there are people who haven’t had racist newsletters who also have those stances. Holding up one piece of lovely platform that’s sort of lost in a sea of a lot of other oppressive stuff, why don’t you find a place that will nurture the larger narrative that you believe in?

We think Winstead is being too hard on Ron Paul, since the newsletter story has been exposed as a partial fabrication by the House of Glass fiction writers at The New Republic. But we know she is not talking about Obama, since he seems unable to withdraw from Afghanistan, while getting the US involved in Libya and sending predator drones into Pakistan and other countries, and creating a wet works list of 3,000 Americans he can kill at his own discretion. So we assume she is endorsing Gary Johnson.

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It should be a truism that Republicans are hotter than Democrats (and Libertarians hotter than both, especially if you like sexy nerds). On the one hand you have Romneys, Palins, Condi Rice, Bachmanns, Flakes, Blackburns, Noems, Haleys, Thunes, Huntsmans, West. On the other hand you have Henry Waxman, Chuck Schumer, James Carville, Barney Frank, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joan Walsh, Ed Schultz, Maxine Waters, Alan Grayson, Donna Brazille, Barbara Mikulski, Claire McCaskill. Tall athletic clear eyed people vs a collection of deformed, bewigged, or animal tusked freaks and pie cows. There is no surprise that the Democrats are the party of envy, though the main stream media almost never remarks on the fact that the GOP in Congress is much younger and better looking on average than their Demoldfart counterparts.

Among the Republicans are five Romney and one Santorum cousin supporting Ron Paul. Chad Romney is our hot guy of the week.

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I luvs me some Ron Paul but spending too much time talking to RussiaTV, or even encouraging them to cover you, is the same mistake about promiscuous liaisons that has provided excuses for people to take shots at you before.

You have a big audience now.  You don’t have to talk to every crank who agrees with you on one issue because the powers that be are keeping you from the public debate.  Sometimes promiscuity isn’t good.

Corporatocracy: Ron Paul says US ‘slipping into fascism’

Published: 19 February, 2012, 23:30
Edited: 20 February, 2012, 00:33


Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul slammed America’s system of governance at a rally in Kansas City, saying businesses and government are pushing the country into twenty-first century fascism.

But before you start picturing fair-skinned, blue-eyed CEOs and bureaucrats running amok and with their right arms held high, calm down. What the outspoken Texas Republican meant was fascist corporatism – an economic model most prominently seen in Mussolini’s Italy of the 1920s to the 1940s. Fascist economic corporatism involved government and private management of full sectors of the economy – which Paul says is par for the course in today’s America.

“We’ve slipped away from a true republic,” Paul told thousands of his supporters at the rally. “Now we’re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government, big business and authoritarian rule, and the suppression of the individual rights of each and every American citizen.”

His words, which a few years ago might have been dismissed by most, rang loud and clear in Kansas. Paul’s rally coincided with long-established Missouri and Kansas GOP events – from which many attendees actually slipped away to hear Paul deliver his speech. Drawn out and bled dry by ongoing and expensive overseas military campaigns, Americans are more and more receptive to a foreign policy of peace, which is what Paul promises to deliver.

The presidential hopeful echoed words already once delivered to the American people – by their president. Dwight Eisenhower said, in his farewell address to the nation, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

The disastrous rise, it seems, has happened. In 2009 alone, the United States was responsible for almost half of the world’s total military spending – 46 per cent, or 712 billion US dollars. Since then, the figures have only grown, to the point that American military spending now exceeds that of China, Russia, Japan, India, and the rest of NATO combined. The US has more than 700 military bases in 130 countries around the world.

But, one might ask, can’t the American government – which oversees the world’s highest gross domestic product – afford some extra military spending?

The simple answer is: no.

The wealthiest nation also happens to have the biggest national debt in world history. With the dollar acting as a global reserve currency, the Federal Reserve leaving the printing press running around the clock, and manufacturing and production being outsourced to cheap foreign labor markets, the US economy looks more like a Ponzi scheme. And as former president George W. Bush told his Argentine counterpart Nestor Kirchner, “The best way to revitalize the economy is war, and the US has grown stronger with war.”

But Americans are tired of war – and are tired of waiting for the magical day when war will magically revive the economy. Which is why Ron Paul may have found the perfect note to strike with voters as he continues to fight in the Republican primaries.
Katerina Azarova, RT

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Picture of the Day: Ron Paul, Hot Young Dad – The Atlantic

Ron Paul with Rand Paul in the 60s plotting anti-government conspiracies

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