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Vampires have politics and religion too!

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I am late to start watching FX‘s American Horror Story, which started last year and is now in its second season.

The overall plot of the show is that a family of three move from Boston to Los Angeles as a means of reconciling their past anguish. They move to a restored mansion, unaware that the home is haunted.  The dad is The Practice’s Dylan McDermott and the mom 24’s Connie Britton.  The house is on a street much like a gothic, grotesque version of Desperate Housewives:  Six Feet Under‘s Frances Conroy sees ghosts; a witchy, shrewish Jessica Lange is a cougar with an adult Down syndrome daughter who tries to steal her boyfriends; a horrifically scarred man is a blackmailer; there are flashbacks to an abortionist doctor’s infant being murdered by the uninformed father of an aborted baby.

(Connie Britton)

It’s seems to be well sprinkled with gay actors and characters, like gay actor Denis O’Hare (vampire king Russell Edgington on TrueBlood), who plays a blackmailer permanently scarred into monstrosity by a fire. It also features a person or entity that is either clad or composed of black latex, “The Rubber Man,” who appears silently like Michael Myers in the Halloween movies, and attacks, or stalks, people when they are alone in the house.

I happened to start watching it in a two parter, two episodes entitled “Halloween,” that feature gay actor Zachary Quinto (of Heroes and Star Trek fame), playing the queenier half of a dysfunctional gay couple who are stagers who help redecorate houses that are on the market.  (In the series they are called “fluffers,” which is not the real estate industry jargon used in the DC metro area, but does allow for lots of double entendres.)  Actor Teddy Sears (born in Chevy Chase, Maryland) plays Quinto’s husband, conscripted to help make Halloween jack-o-lanterns as part of the house “fluffing,” but during the decorating the couple manage to have a fight in front of their customers, and then Sears (Torchwood) hits on McDermott while their spouses are downstairs.

(Teddy Sears)

It appears to be somewhat labyrinthine plot-wise, but it looks diverting and well done.

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From 9 to 5, the number of GOP presidential contenders has dropped, though they all seem to be working overtime.  As a result it is getting harder to ignore Ron Paul, as well as the candidates who only poll in the single digits.  They all got more equal time shares on last night’s 9 pm FOX News debate (and FOX has actually always been more even handed in the coverage it has given candidates — only FOX ever allowed Gary Johnson into the debates, CNN and NBC terrified of letting anyone know that there were socially liberal Republicans in the mix.)

If you didn’t want to watch the debates, everyone gave you a 9 pm option.

FOX broadcast channel premiered a pilot of its new Lost for Dummies show Alcatraz.

NBC went for 90 at 9, celebrating Betty White’s 90th birthday.  (In a pretaped segment, President Barack Obama scratched out a birthday greeting to White: “I can’t believe you’re 90 years old. Will you please produce a copy of your long-form birth certificate?”)

But the SyFy channel produced the most politically potent 9 pm offering, the second season opener of the Canadian/American remake of BBC’s paranormal version of Three’s Company,  Being Human, followed by the pilot of a new series Lost Girl at 10 pm.

I haven’t checked, but it seems to me that the Western hemisphere version of Being Human has a plot line which is varying a little from the British version (which began in 2009 and is starting season 4, and does have different first names for the characters), which you can watch on BBCAmerica.  Both feature a vampire (Aidan, a black Irish hunk) and a werewolf (Josh, a “sexy nerd” who’s Jewish) who both work as hospital orderlies (the vampire is trying to not attack humans, and needs access to the blood bank for food), who rent a house together in an attempt to “mainstream” and live like regular folks.  The house turns out to be haunted, by the ghost (Sally, a cute Arab-American) of the fiancee of the landlord (who died recently falling down the stairs), who is trying to figure out how to live in the afterlife until she “crosses over.”  In the mythology of Being Human werewolves and vampires, unlike most normal people, can see and hear ghosts, so Sally is no longer lonely.

The second season premier is very political.  Aidan has inherited the local Boston community of vamp fledglings, having dispatched his immediate superior in season 1.  His problem is that he is trying to teach the fledglings to not attack people, but follow his “vegetarian” lifestyle in living off the blood banks (apparently it’s not as tasty, so there is a lot of falling off the wagon). There are too many vamps for the blood bank thefting to easily support (shades of Medicare and Social Security trust fund insolvency).  And so a vampire queen, centuries old, arrives to order the culling of the herd, a pre-emptive strike against Boston’s vamp community, lest other vamps in other cities view its numbers to be a threatening potential weapon of mass destruction.

Then there is Lost Girl.  Lost Girl owes a lot not to TrueBlood, but to the Dead series of novels by Charlaine Harris that TrueBlood is based on, as well as the series of her literary friends and sometime anthology collaborators Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison.  All of these series, Harris’s Dead books, Harrison’s female Dirty Harry witch detective, and Brigg’s werewolf/shapeshifter Mercy Thompson series, feature feisty middle class/working class girls who  want to be single, self-employed, and not indentured to any one political faction (above and beyond being loyal to their friends).  (Recurring to Betty White one could almost have Ed Asner as Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore show appear and say “Spunk.  You’ve got spunk….I hate spunk!”)

In the pilot episode Bo, played by Canadian TV actress Anna Silk (kind of a slightly butcher Mary-Louise Parker) plays a young woman who knows she has special and dangerous gifts, but is an orphan, a loner, and an amnesiac, who doesn’t know exactly what she is.  Turns out she is part of another species, an offshoot of homo sapiens, the Fae (fairies), in her case a succubus, a creature that lives from sucking the life out of others, usually during sex.  Bo has few dietary restrictions.  She likes girls and boys.  Like the vampires on Being Human, she’s trying to be good — she mainly feeds off of evil doers, like a man who is using date rape drugs on girls in a local bar (apparently Bo thinks that merits capital punishment, with no jury).  This brings Bo to the attention of the Fae community, who are ruled by two camps (supposedly good and bad).  They kidnap her and force her into a gladitorial fight to the death to prove she can join them, and when she defeats her opponents, tell her to pick one of the two parties.  And the rulers explicity say that their world is ruled by a two party monopoly, which is the only reason it works.  She declines, which apparently has never been done before.  Her path as a registered independent who hangs out with the humans is the basic premise of the show.  As I have argued on my popular culture/television blog, TV Liberty (http://tvlibertarian.blogspot.com/2012/01/nbc-has-grimm-view-of-human-nature.html), I suspect these shows tell us something about the political subconscious of the writers, audience, and networks.

Doctor – Sneak Peek – Lost Girl-Series Premiere: Watch a sneak peek of the series premiere of Lost Girl, Monday Jan. 16 at 10/9c. (Rebroadcast at 2 am on Wednesday Jan. 18, in the wee hours of the morning, just after the witching hour.)

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True Blood Exclusive: Chris Meloni Circling Major Season 5 Role as [Spoiler Alert]

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That noise you hear is the sound of Twitter exploding into a million little pieces over the following news: Chris Meloni is being courted to join the cast of True Blood.
Take a deep breath and continue reading…
TVLine has learned exclusively that the former Law & Order: SVU front man is circling what my sources are calling a “major role” in the show’s upcoming fifth season.
But what role? An HBO rep declined to comment, but I hear Meloni — who’s currently shooting a top-secret role in The Man of Steel — is in talks to play (duh) an incredibly powerful vampire.
If a deal comes to pass, this would be a major casting coup for True Blood. It would also mark a high-profile return to the small screen for Meloni following his sudden departure from SVU last spring.
Thoughts? Is this too good to be true? Hit the comments!
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